Microsoft Confirms It Was Hacked By Group Involved in Nvidia’s Data Breach

Microsoft has revealed that it was hacked by the same organisation that attacked Nvidia and Samsung lately.

The hacker organisation LAPSUS$ – dubbed DEV-0537 in Microsoft’s blog post. Describing the attack — stole and distributed source code for Bing, Bing Maps, and Microsoft Cortana.

According to Microsoft, no customer code or data was involved in the attack. And the company will continue to monitor LAPSUS$ behaviour and apply client security.

After LAPSUS$ began targeting other large internet organisations and advertising its actions on social media. Its security teams launched a full-scale probe in recent weeks.

However, a single account was penetrated, allowing the hackers to take the data. But Microsoft said it was able to halt the attack in mid-operation and restrict the larger impact.

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According to Microsoft, the goal of LAPSUS$ was “to achieve elevated access via stolen credentials. Allowing data theft and disruptive attacks on a targeted business. Typically leading in extortion The tactics and aims imply that this is a cybercriminal actor intent on stealing and destroying.”

The recent Nvidia intrusion claimed one terabyte of data, including files detailing the tech company’s technology and software. According to IGN’s sister site PCMag, LAPSUS$ later launched an attack on Samsung. Claiming to have published “secret Samsung source code.”

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