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7 Must-Have Android Apps for Netflix Users

Netflix provides endless entertainment with movies and TV shows. How to discover new ones or navigate through the clutter? Here are 7 best apps to do that.

Netflix has some of the greatest television series, films, and documentaries available. The nicest thing about this streaming service is that, according to its clever algorithms, it already knows what you want to watch. The dynamic home page and images are appealing, but finding content remains a struggle.

Android Apps for Netflix

This deficiency is especially obvious when you’re in the desire to experiment or try out different genres. And that’s when you’re stuck, with no way of knowing about the reviews, secret movies, or sub-genres, and only a search option.

So, how do you go about it? Allow Netflix to manage your viewing habits? What if it was the other way around?

In this article, we’ll look at some of the best Android applications for enhancing your Netflix experience and filling in the gaps.

Let’s get this party started.

1. Flutter

If you’re a regular Netflix user, you’re probably aware that Netflix customises thumbnails based on your viewing history. Imagine finding an intriguing movie thumbnail only to discover that the film was not worth your time.

Don’t you want to be able to simply read IMDB ratings on Netflix? Mostly to find out about a movie’s ratings and other information before devoting our valuable time to it.

Flutter integrates movie ratings into the Netflix app with a simple overlay that displays the average rating as soon as you open a title. This is how the app makes it easier to get Netflix’s highest-rated programming.

Android Apps for Netflix

This software uses IMDB to get movie ratings, so you don’t have to be concerned because many people see it as a credible source for movie and TV programme ratings. Flutter, on the other hand, requires access to Accessibility settings and Overlay permissions in order to function.

Android Apps for Netflix
Android Apps for Netflix

You can even find the trending movies and shows through the app. Just make sure to keep this app in the Not Optimized list under Battery Optimization.


One of the most prevalent Netflix customer dilemmas is “What movie should I watch today?” Just Watch solves this problem by compiling a list of all Netflix’s most recent additions. It not only displays all of the titles, but it also displays a timeline of when each one was added.

Android Apps for Netflix
Android Apps for Netflix

You can customize the search by specifying the average rating and type of movies you’d like to watch.

To utilise this app, you must first choose a region, followed by a service — Netflix. The app will then display all of the new Netflix material. Tap on Filter and configure it to your preference to filter the programmes and movies.


Rave elevates community viewing to a whole new level. This handy tool allows you to view movies and series with your pals even if they are in other cities or countries. All you have to do is invite someone to your virtual party who has a Netflix account. You can also join a number of public viewing streams.

This app replicates the Netflix home screen on your phone. Once you select a title, scroll down and tap on the Privacy > Friends, and share the link with your buddy over email or SMS.

Android Apps for Netflix
rave toolbar

Apart from the capabilities listed above, Rave also has a chat feature in case you need to communicate with a friend quickly. Other services supported by Rave include YouTube, History Channel, Vimeo, and Liked.

NOTE: You may face some latency issues, but not too annoying to spoil the fun.


I was looking for Thor: Ragnarok on Netflix the other day and was astonished when I couldn’t find it. However, a short Google search revealed that the title was available on Netflix, albeit only in certain locations. Bummer

Android vpn for Netflix

Netflix offers content in several different locations, each with its own collection. So, how can you get around these area limitations? After all, it turns out there is a way around it.

VPN apps are the answer. HideIPVPN is one of the greatest apps for the purpose, despite the fact that there are many others available in the Play Store. It’s free, and compared to other apps, it’s a lot faster.

As is the practice with these apps, you’d need to log in to a US VPN, access Netflix and see the magic unfold before you. Yes, you can thank me later.


Do you want nudity, adult language, and violence removed from your movies? If you answered yes, VidAngel is the service for you. This handy tool removes profanity and mature content from movies, making them suitable for family viewing.

To use this app, you’ll need to connect your Netflix account. This programme is commendable in that it allows you to select the stuff you wish to skip.

vidangel filter
vidangel for filtering

Before starting any show, go to Filters and look through the list of objectionable content. All you have to do now is tap on the ones you don’t want to see. VidAngle will customise the stream to your preferences once you’ve made your selections.

VidAngel is ideal for skipping the NSFW (Not Safe For Work) sequences when watching shows on your daily commute or at work.

In 2016, 20th Century Fox, Disney, and Warner Bros. filed a lawsuit against VidAngel for copyright infringement. VidAngel shifted to digital streaming providers like Netflix and Amazon after losing the legal battle.


Forget about going through Netflix’s archives in search of movies. Secret Movie Categories makes your job easier by categorising all of the obscure and hidden sub-genres.

Android Apps for Netflix

The fact that you don’t have to connect your Netflix account is something I really liked about this app. When you open the app and select a category, all of the movies in that genre will appear on the original Netflix app.

Of course, the catalog will depend on your Netflix account’s region.


Do you find yourself missing out on your favourite TV series and movies? If you answered yes, Simkl Lists is going to be your new best friend. This programme allows you to simply create watch lists so you can keep track of your favourite series and movies. It even sends you emails about your favourite shows so you don’t forget about them.

Android Apps for Netflix in 2022
simkl lists

Apart from that, it provides comprehensive information about the titles. You can also look at the IMDB ratings and watch the trailer. Simkl works with Netflix and other streaming providers such as Hulu, Amazon Video, Look, and others.


So, these are some of the must-have Android apps for Netflix lovers. What I loved about each one of them is that they are unique, and gives you much-added functionality which is missing in the Netflix app. After all, a little bit of help sounds brilliant, right?

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