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8 Characters We’re Excited to See in ‘House of The Dragon’ Season 2

Season one surpassed fan expectations; will season two live up to it, or maybe even surpass it?

The Dance of the Dragons, the Targaryen civil war, is set to begin with the death of Lucerys Velaryon in House of the Dragon’s season finale. In order to place either Rhaenyra or Aegon on the Iron Throne, Westeros will split apart, according to George R. R. Martin’s novel Fire & Blood. Dragons will perish in the air as armies clash and communities burn until Daenerys in Game of Thrones hatches three new ones.

There are various new individuals on both sides of the conflict that viewers might anticipate. Others can be conjectured by consulting Fire & Blood, while certain characters are confirmed either by the showrunners or by inconsequential conversation.

House of The Dragon Season 2

Cregan Stark

One of the most well-liked families in Game of Thrones has always been the Starks. They come across as possibly the only honorable noble family in a sea of power-seekers due to their sense of honour and willingness to seek justice. In this time in Westeros’ history, Cregan, Eddard’s ancestor, performs a similar function.

In the season finale, Rhaenyra dispatched her eldest son, Jacaerys, to win over Cregan. Given the position of the North, it is likely that Cregan won’t engage in any combat until season three. But the young prince will get his first chance to prove his royal prowess through his diplomacy with Jace.

Elmo Tully

Grover Tully was identified as a potential ally for Rhaenyra in the season finale. Though he is unwell and confined to his bed, the elder lord of Riverrun would actually prefer to declare for Aegon. Elmo, his son and heir, makes the decision in his place to hold off on swearing allegiance to Riverrun until after things have settled down.

Elmo draws a comparison between himself and Catelyn Stark’s younger brother Edmure Tully, who likewise assumed leadership when his father was ill. While Elmo is shown to be cautious yet capable of fighting if necessary, Edmure is portrayed as being incompetent. The worst part about him is how painfully Muppets-like Martin made him, his father, and his sons Kermit and Oscar.

The Shepherd

The common people swarm to King’s Landing for safety as the Dance of the Dragons spreads fire and blood over Westeros. Numerous of them start to pay attention to the Shepherd, an enigmatic one-armed preacher of the Faith of the Seven. He claims that people will only be safe after they pass away and that dragons are devils.

With the emergence of the High Sparrow in season five of Game of Thrones, the influence of religion was examined. With his words and faith, he was able to unite the terrified common people and nearly topple powerful women like Margery Tyrell and Cersei Lannister. Imagine what the Shepherd could do by fanning the flames of dread and with less noble intentions than subduing the nobility’s power.

The Red Kraken

Dalton Greyjoy, sometimes known as the Red Kraken, is the current Lord Reaper of Pyke. He is a formidable fighter and a competent sailor despite his youth, and while Viserys was still alive, he predicted the approaching civil war. He laughed when he heard of the king’s passing after spending many years amassing ships and weaponry in preparation for the impending storm.

Aegon’s soldiers have a chance to level the playing field at sea because the Velaryon fleet is allied with Rhaenyra. Of all, there’s no telling which way the Red Kraken might go given the Greyjoy’s penchant for seizing opportunities. In either case, it’s an opportunity for House Greyjoy to atone for the confusing way Euron was portrayed in the last seasons of Game of Thrones.

Roderick Dustin

While Cregan Stark announces support for the Blacks, it will take a while for his army to gather and march to King’s Landing because he lacks Jon Snow’s teleportation expertise. The lord of Barrowtown, Roderick Dustin, is tasked with leading a troop of veteran soldiers as the North’s vanguard while they are preparing. They were known as the Winter Wolves and would emerge as some of the war’s most fearsome combatants.

Roderick and his Winter Wolves not only give us a dependable Northman character but also a fascinating insight at the Northern culture that was left out of Game of Thrones. Many Northerners enlist as winter approaches to save their family from having to feed yet another mouth. They no longer have a fear of dying as a result, which makes them fight fiercely in battle.

Hugh Hammer

Vermithor is singled out by Daemon as one of the riderless dragons held by the Blacks. The second-largest dragon in Westeros, this one served as King Jaehaerys’ ride. Daemon may be preparing the Bronze Fury to receive a new rider if he used a Valyrian song to awaken the dragon.

Hugh Hammer, the new rider in Fire & Blood, was a blacksmith’s son. Ulf the White, who claimed Silverwing, the horse that Jaehaerys’ queen Alysanne rode, claimed Vermithor’s mate and the two men became good friends. Hugh views this conflict as an opportunity to surpass his status as a bastard, whilst Ulf is pleased to sip great wine.

Jeyne Arryn

The sickly boy Robin Arryn who played the Lord of the Vale will be remembered by fans of Game of Thrones. He wasn’t the first young person to govern the Vale; lady Jeyne, Rhaenyra’s mother Queen Aemma’s cousin, took over at age three. She is almost forty years old by the time of the Dance, unmarried, and brave enough to deny prince Daemon a claim to the Runestone following the passing of his wife, Rhea Royce.

Since Jacaerys Velaryon is travelling to the north to request her assistance, there is a good likelihood that the Maiden of the Vale may make an appearance in season two. Her appearance provides Rhaenyra with a fellow female queen who will support her, as well as proof that she expelled Daemon from the Vale, which the show neglected to mention during the gap between episodes five and six. There is an opportunity for lesbian portrayal because the books also imply that Jeyne’s interest in women is the reason she doesn’t marry.


In the season finale, Daemon states that the Blacks have access to a large number of dragons without riders. The Blacks look for recruits with Targaryen and Velaryon blood to see if any can link with a dragon in order to fill out the ranks. Nettles, a young woman who tames the untamed dragon Sheepstealer, is one who was successful.

Nettles may not even be a Targaryen bastard, which makes her stand out among other dragon riders. Sheepstealer was domesticated by her by giving him sheep every day until he became accustomed to her and allowed her to pet him. Even though it’s simply a rumour, it’s an intriguing example of how intelligence, rather than just bravado, might be used to claim a dragon.

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