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Apex Legends Season 11 Ultimate Tier List

There is currently an aggregate of 19 Legends to browse, with Ash participating in Season 10. It tends to be interesting to know which ones are ideal to utilize, so here’s our level rundown of the best legends in Apex Legends Season 11. Respawn Entertainment has worked really hard at keeping their fight royale new every season. This incorporates adding another person toward the beginning of each season, and the most recent is Ash.

apex legends pathfinder 2

If you are looking for which Legends to use in Arenas, then, at that point, we have a different list for that here.

This level rundown is for the fight royale mode. The new season has made some meta changes for momentum Legends, and there has been a lot of discussion about who is the most elite at this point. In this way, we’ve positioned every one of the 19 Legends inside Apex Legends.

Tier 1


Bloodhound is, as we would like to think, the absolute best Legend in Apex Legends. In spite of the fact that their capacities will not cause any harm, their following capacities are unrivaled and assuming you don’t have a Bloodhound on your crew, you’re in a difficult situation.

Bloodhound is an Apex Legend whose sweep is the center of their unit, allowing you, however your partners as well, to see foes in the space featured through dividers. The main drawback to the output is that foes will realize they’ve been examined, and consequently realize you are nearby – yet the benefit is as yet in support of yourself.

Monster of the Hunt, Bloodhound’s ultimate ability, transforms him into a killing machine for a brief period. During this time, Bloodhound sees his enemies in red, like a computerized threat assessment system, and his vision is enhanced to detect any traps or cadavers on the ground.


Support characters are the backbone of your team, and Gibraltar has encompassed a new role within teams thanks to the ample amount of buffs the developers have laid upon him.

His Ultimate ability has enough potential damage to zone the enemy away, and the Dome Shield can be a lifesaver for not just you, but your whole team. You do have to watch out for enemies using it too, though, as there’s nothing stopping them from getting inside.

The gun shield has been nerfed a bit, as damage will now bleed through to Gibby, but it’s still a big help to have when first engaging opponents.

Overall, Gibraltar is one of the best characters, but he’s still a big, tanky character who is hard to miss. Some players will definitely find a more nimble character beneficial. With that said, he’s a powerful asset on any team.


The Season 9 Legend, Valkyrie, is a high-flying Legend that reminds us of Pharah from Overwatch, as they both offer the ability to reign fire down on their opponents from up in the sky. In fact, Valkyrie’s abilities are inspired by her father’s titan, Northstar.

Her Ultimate Ability is Skyward Dive; which enables you and your teammates to launch to the sky and redeploy. You will also see teammates in your line of sight highlighted as you are in the air.

Her main passive, the jetpacks, allow Valkyrie to reach almost any spot on the map, and instantly get the high ground, but, they are very loud, which is one of the big drawbacks. You also can’t fire weapons while using the jetpack, making you a sitting duck. The tactical fires a swarm of mini rockets, which don’t deal much damage, but will stun enemies, making them an easy clean-up kill.

With the ability to instantly rotate with your whole squad, and to get high ground easily in any situation, Valkyrie is comfortably an S-Tier Legend, whether you’re playing solo or as a tactical trio.


Caustic has moved up and down our tier list like a yo-yo. With buffs, followed by nerfs, followed by buffs again, Caustic has found his way back into the meta at the top level of Apex.

With buffs finally given in Season 10, Respawn has managed to put the fear factor back into Caustic without making him too annoying to play against.

In an organized team composition, Caustic is very powerful in the right hands, and with his Gas now much more dangerous, an experienced Caustic player on your team can be the difference between winning and losing.

Tier 2


The Season 11 Legend, Ash is the first pilot to enter the Apex games (no, Valkyrie is not a pilot). And instantly, it’s clear to see Ash will be a popular pick with her kit at launch. Her Ultimate is similar to Wraith’s, except its only one way, and has a shorter maximum range. But, it’s much faster to use, and the cooldown is much shorter too.

Perhaps Ash’s strongest asset though is her passive. Identifying death boxes and then being able to use her data knife to get instant locations on the enemy squad is more recon information than most recon legends get (looking at you, Crypto).

Her tactical, the arc snare, is probably the weakest part of her kit, but that doesn’t mean it’s bad. It’s still a useful tool that can both help you in a close gunfight, or soften up your enemy for an easier push. Oh, and you get a really cool ronin sword with Ash, too.


Since the release of Apex Legends, Wraith has undoubtedly been one of the best Legends each season. This is in large part due to her ability to create chaos on the battlefield with her abilities.

Whenever you and your squad are engaging in team battles, you will often find Wraith sneaking into the backlines or trying to flank her opponents with her Tactical Ability ‘Into the Void’. This enables Wraith to seemingly avoid all damage while getting a better position on the enemies you are battling.

Wraith continues to be at the top of the Apex realm and improved even more in season 9, as the low profile was removed. This means she will no longer take 5% more bullet damage.


Having a Lifeline on your squad can literally be a lifesaver, as she shines in supportive abilities. But, in Season 9, her res shield was removed, meaning teammates are now exposed when being revived by the Drone.

But, Lifeline can still revive two players at once, while she herself continues fighting. Also, her drone now heals faster, at 8HP per second.

Lifeline’s Ultimate was also massively improved in Season 9, as it now guarantees to drop an upgrade to your gear. Having the chance to capture a Legendary or Epic piece of equipment can be the deciding factor in a lot of Apex matches, and Lifeline is still one of the best characters to have on your team.


The speedy trickster Octane is definitely one of the most fun Legends to play. Running super fast with his stim, soaring over enemies with the jump pad, and healing on the move makes him a joy to play.

His stims will now damage you by 20HP though, so you have to be a bit more careful, opposed to the previous 12HP. The cooldown is now reduced too, meaning you can pretty much instantly spam the stim again – but you’ll be down to very low health quickly if you do.

The jump pad is one of the best movement abilities in Apex, and the whole team can use it – but so can enemies.

He’s not quite as good as the S-tier characters, and his abilities won’t help you win many gunfights, but if you’re all about speed, Octane is the Legend for you.


Although Loba was once a low pick, fixes to her tactical have allowed her to thrive once more.

Respawn has adjusted her burgler’s best friend ability, allowing players to slide/move and shoot at full speed when the bracelet is equipped. A significant change that should see fans flock to her, as well as it being much less buggy.

But, on the flip side, they did increase the cooldown for her Black Market Boutique from 90 seconds to 120 seconds; but this is not that big of a deal, considering it’s still a short cooldown compared to most other Ultimate abilities.

The changes to her bracelet are the main reason that she moves up to A tier, and is now truly one of the most powerful characters.


Horizon has been one of the most prominent Legends since she was introduced in Season 7. But, by the time Season 9 came around, her dominance in the meta was getting too much, and nerfs were needed.

Her Gravity Lift was targeted, as it was too easy for players to get instant high ground and beam down on foes from above. Now, players will strafe much slower on the lift, making you a much easier target. You will also be kicked off the top after 2 seconds, so you can’t sit up the top beaming down.

Thankfully in Season 10, players are now much more mobile on Horizon’s lift, making her much more viable.

Horizon is still one of the best characters within the game, but the recent changes to her see her finally drop out of the ‘S’ tier, though she should be a popular pick still.

Tier 3


Wattson is a great team-based Legend, and in the right hands, can be deadly too. Her Ultimate ability destroys enemy throwables and allows a squad to hold down a position. Your shield will recharge too in the vicinity.

Combined with her Perimeter Security traps, if you’re playing as a team, Wattson can be a great squadmate to have. However, she can’t be placed any higher on this list because as a solo player, she certainly isn’t the best pick.

Big changes in the Season 11 update allowed Wattson to move back up to b-tier, and players who have mained Wattson for a long time will know exactly how to get the best out of her abilities.

If you haven’t played Wattson before though, it might take you a bit of time to get ‘good’ with her abilities – knowing when and where to place fences, and using your ultimate when it matters most. With practice, Wattson can be a crucial team player.


The Season 10 Legend instantly shot into an S-Tier position at the beginning of the season due to all three of his abilities having incredible power for tracking enemies and being a nuisance to them in a fight. Much-needed nerfs took away a decent amount of his original power, but he’s still a powerful recon Legend.

Not only does Seer’s passive show you the direction of enemies with a heartbeat sensor, but his tactical can also scan, interrupt abilities, interrupt healing, interrupt revives, and show enemies health bars, and track for 8 seconds. It doesn’t deal damage anymore, but that was more power than it really needed.

And Seer’s ultimate will similarly track all enemies within a very large dome, provided they are running or shooting (which is most of the time). His tactical and passive may not be as overpowered as they once were, but Seer is still one of the best legends in Apex.


Pathfinder was once among the best Legends to use within the game, but successive nerfs see him drop to the ‘B’ tier. But, he’s still one of the most fun to play, and if you can master his grapple, you can move like no other character.

The Grapple can still be used to make a quick escape or to push up on weak opponents before they get the chance to heal. But, now, Wraith, Loba, Valkyrie, Ash, or Octane might be better to make those quick escapes.

His movement is still unrivaled on paper, and the Zipline Ultimate works similarly to the Wraith’s portal, getting your team out of a tight spot, or to get to hard-to-reach locations. Of course, enemies can also use it, so you need to watch your back.


Added in Season 4, Revenant has had ups and downs in the Apex meta. Where this deadly Simulacrum Assassin shines is his Ultimate ability, which allows him (and his teammates) to escape death temporarily.

His Passive ability, Stalker, allows him to crouch walk faster and climb higher up walls. However, Respawn perhaps overlooked that this ability pales in comparison to someone like Pathfinder, Valk, or Horizon. These two can scale pretty much any building, of any height, instantly.

Revenant’s Tactical, Silence, is incredibly powerful on paper. It deals a portion of damage and prevents all enemy abilities. But, it only works for 20 seconds, after which the enemy squad can use their abilities as they would normally. Perhaps this needs a buff, to reset charges on abilities instead?

Respawn has commented on the legend, noting that they are going to change certain aspects of him later down the line. So, we see no reason to adjust his spot on the list, as he can still prove viable in most scenarios.


Season 6’s Quick Witted Modder, Rampart, was comfortably one of the worst legends for most of her lifetime in the game. Fortunately, Respawn eventually tackled some of Rampart’s shortcomings to ensure she saw her full potential as a legend in Apex.

The most crucial change was allowing Rampart to move with her Ultimate, Shiela. Now, you can carry around the most powerful weapon in the game (Kraber notwithstanding) and take out enemies with aggression. Rampart’s walls have always been a useful ability, and now pair even better with the Ultimate.

While she isn’t going to be battling for the spot of A-tier or S-tier legend anytime soon, Rampart is now a fully viable and effective legend that isn’t constricted to a primarily defensive playstyle anymore.


Fuse joined in Season 8, and has some very strong abilities on paper. Being able to stack two grenades per slot, and then slingshot them out, means he can deal a ridiculous amount of explosive damage, very fast.

His ultimate is fine, but it’s very easy for enemies to escape the ring of fire he puts down. Thankfully, Season 10 added the ability to track enemies caught in it, giving Fuse some much-needed power.

Fuse’s knuckle cluster now has two charges and a reduced cooldown for each charge of 20 seconds, and Respawn have made it last twice as long in Season. For these reasons, he finally escapes the C-Tier, and can move up to B.

Tier 4


Mirage started off life in Apex Legends as a very underpowered character. His Ultimate ability was pretty useless, and his Tactical felt a bit gimmicky compared to many of the others.

Thankfully, a rework eventually came, and masters of Mirage will argue he should be in A tier. Certainly, with enough practice, and in the right hands, he can be a menace.

But, his abilities are still very one-dimensional, and he doesn’t offer a lot to a squad in terms of team play, outside of his ability to cloak when reviving.

Mirage’s Ultimate will definitely get you out of a tight spot, especially if you’re playing against less-skilled players who are more easily ‘bamboozled’. We still think Mirage could do with some more power though.


You would think that a Legend with the ability to cover the battlefield with smoke grenades would normally be at the top of any Apex Legends tier list. But, in the case of Bangalore, she has been flying under the radar since the game was released.

Her smoke is certainly useful, but more often than not it’s used for trying to escape from a tight spot – and there are other characters that are better for this (Loba, Octane, Wraith). The problem now is that there are far too many scanning abilities that will completely counter Bangalore’s smoke, not to mention digital threat scopes.

Despite being relegated to C tier, Bangalore is still a viable pick. Players who main her regularly will become proficient at the best time to use her abilities. Double Time is also one of the best passives in the game, and one that often goes overlooked.

Her Ultimate ability, Rolling Thunder, is a mixed bag, because it doesn’t do as much damage as Gibraltar’s missiles, but, you can use it to cover your back or soften up opponents before moving in for the kill. Enemies will be slowed and stunned, if they don’t get out the way in time. Unfortunately, you’ll often find it is just as annoying for you and your teammates as it is for the enemies.


Unfortunately, Crypto remains right at the bottom of the pile. For the majority of players, you’ll be far better with a more explosive character.

With team coordination, the Surveillance Expert has the potential to be great. He predominantly suffers from the rest of the team constantly pushing it and being outnumbered, but coupled with more thoughtful gameplay, Crypto isn’t totally useless.

In Season 9, devs added the ability for Crypto’s drone to hack enemy care packages, while removing the feature allowing you to ‘hijack’ a Respawn Beacon. His Ultimate, the EMP blast, can be useful but only if you time it expertly, meaning it is a much less useful ability in general gameplay than most others, and unlike many, it’s not going to help you get a free kill. The Ultimate is also greatly useful for scouting ahead and breaking shields.

Unless we see more buffs to Crypto’s overall loadout, it is hard to justify his position at any higher tiers on our list. But, we are hopeful these changes could be coming soon later down the line.

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