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Apple brings detailed city maps to Canada

Apple Maps’ more detailed city view that it launched with iOS 15 is coming to Montreal, Toronto, and Vancouver in Canada. It offers better driving navigation, transit directions, and an augmented reality walking experience.

Apple Maps’ more detailed, three-dimensional cities. Which debuted with iOS 15, are now available in Canada. Giving improved driving navigation, transit instructions, and an augmented reality walking experience. The new city experience is now accessible in Montreal, Toronto, and Vancouver, according to the company. Previously, the feature was available in a half-dozen US cities. Including Los Angeles, New York, Philadelphia, San Diego, San Francisco, and Washington, D.C. As well as London in the United Kingdom.

Apple city maps Canada

It’s a welcome addition. When we tested iOS 15 last year. The upgraded mapping experience’s only real flaw was its extremely restricted availability. However, where it is accessible, it provides a significant enhancement to how cities appear in Apple’s software. It even contains 3D models of prominent sites. From a functional standpoint, these enhancements aid in driving directions by providing additional information about which road lanes to use.

In addition to driving directions. Public transportation directions will be improved in the new cities. Apple Maps will notify you when it’s time to disembark. User interface changes include the ability to pin favourite transport lines to make preferred routes more easily accessible. Walkers benefit as well. As they may get step-by-step directions in augmented reality. Bicycle directions (which first appeared in Apple Maps with iOS 14) are now available in Montreal.

The new update brings the following features to Apple Maps across all three cities:

  • Highly Detailed Maps
  • Enhanced Navigation
  • Transit Updates
  • Walking Directions
  • Curated Guides in Toronto
  • Cycling Directions in Montreal

You can learn about all of the new updates on the press release

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