apple homepod discontinued apple homepod discontinued

Apple Discontinued the Original Homepod

Apple Inc. announced today that it will no longer be manufacturing the HomePod, its original smart speaker released early last year. Apple homepod is discontinued now.

apple homepod discontinued

Talking to TechCrunch, Apple verified that the HomePod will continue to be available” while inventories last”online and in-store at Apple retailers.

Apple will continue to give HomePod users software updates, service, and support. Rather, Apple will be fastening on the HomePod mini going forward.

“HomePod mini has been a megahit since its debut last fall, offering guests amazing sound, an intelligent adjunct, and smart home control all for just$ 99,” Apple said in a statement.
Presently, only the white HomePod model remains available via Apple’s online store. The space gray version may continue to be found in some retail locales.

We reviewed the original HomePod speaker, praising its” important audio performance with rich, full bass” and its”visually pleasing design.”Unfortunately, it came ladened with several failings as well no aux input, Bluetooth streaming options, or voice control for non-Apple music services.
The HomePod also debuted at$ 349, which put it at the advanced end of home speaker pricing. A price drop to$ 299 helped a bit, but when the lower, cheaper HomePod mini debuted in 2020 for just$ 99, it proved itself a good relief. While it still did not offer an aux input, it did deliver solid audio, good Apple Home app integration, and great voice control options.

It’s unclear how long the original HomePod will remain available. For those interested, it’s better to buy one sooner rather than latterly.

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