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New Apple Watch SE Sounds More Exciting Than Series 8

The best Apple Watch Series 7 features are packed into the 2022 SE for a lot less

There are reports that the Apple Watch Series 8 will have a temperature sensor and that the company wants to get even more involved in the consumer health space by making more devices that help people stay healthy.

A temperature sensor, in addition to other features like the ability to measure blood oxygen levels. Could help people live healthier lives. The Apple Watch has also been shown to save lives in many stories. There are already too many things I don’t know how to use on the Apple Watch Series 6 and Series 7. Some people might not be able to use a Series 8 that has even more health metrics.

This is why I’m more excited to see what Apple has in store for the Apple Watch SE. It’s a simple and cheaper watch that Apple makes. Bloomberg said last June that a new Apple Watch SE could come out in 2022. Which means we could see a new model this fall. I use my smartwatch to keep track of how much exercise I do. Check my heart rate during workouts, get iPhone notifications on my wrist, and sometimes pay for things with Apple Pay. I can’t wait to see where the Apple Watch SE goes next. It can do all this and more.

Apple Watch SE has most of the Series 7’s best features

Apple Watch SE Series 8

The $399 Apple Watch Series 7, on the other hand, has a lot more health features and other improvements than the $279 SE. These include blood oxygen readings. The ability to take an electrocardiogram (EKG or ECG) from your wrist, a bigger screen, and a faster charge.

The Series 7 is a better health tracker, a better way to communicate, and a better way to track your sleep. There’s more space on the Series 7’s screen, which means it can fit a full QWERTY keyboard for text messages. It also has a faster charger, which makes it easier to charge your watch after a night of sleep tracking.

According to Bloomberg and the Wall Street Journal. The Series 8 is expected to follow the same path. It could have a skin temperature sensor. That could be used for fertility planning and other things.

Those extras may not be important to everyone. So the SE is better for people who want to focus on one thing. Activity rings, a bigger screen, and faster charging may not be necessary for people who just want to close their rings and make sure they don’t miss text messages while away from their phones. The Apple Watch Series 7 and its predecessor seem to be aimed at people. Who want to keep an eye on their health. Especially when it comes to their heart health.

There are many important features on Apple’s health and safety features on the Apple Watch SE. Even though it doesn’t have all of them. Apple’s cheapest watch, the SE, can’t take an ECG from your wrist. But it can still tell you when your heart rate is high or low, detect irregular heart rhythms, detect hard falls, and give you access to emergency services. For an elderly family member who might fall, you might not need to buy them a watch.

Apple Watch SE and Series 7

It doesn’t always feel like new metrics like blood oxygen levels are useful. Apple says that readings from the Apple Watch’s blood oxygen app can give you “insights into your overall well-being.” I’m not sure what to do with these readings. I don’t know if I should be alarmed if my readings are too low. Because the Apple Watch isn’t meant for medical use.

That doesn’t mean there isn’t a chance. There are three separate health studies that Apple plans to work on with researchers when the Series 6 is released in 2020. They’ll look at how blood oxygen levels and other metrics can help people with asthma and heart rate failure manage their illnesses. As well as detect respiratory illnesses like COVID-19. But right now, I don’t think that the blood oxygen reader on the Series 6 and 7 is necessary at this point in time. Garmin, Fitbit, and Samsung also make wearables that show blood oxygen levels that the wearer has to figure out how to read.

As much as I like the SE’s more simple approach to health tools. I’d like to see Apple add at least one feature that is only available on more expensive models: an always-on screen. It’s possible for new Apple Watches to keep their screens on. Even when the watch isn’t in use, except for the SE. Apple Watch is better at its most important job: telling the time.

On the Series 7, I like that I can quickly check the time and my activity progress without moving my wrist or putting the watch down, like on the SE. It’s not as exciting or important as health-related changes like the addition of ECG monitoring in terms of where wearable devices are going in the long run. But the always-on display is useful when you’re out and about. I’d like to see it on the next Apple Watch SE, too.

The Apple Watch, like the iPhone, has grown up

There aren’t always big changes to the Apple Watch every year, just like there aren’t always big changes to the iPhone. The Apple Watch Series 7, for example, felt like a better version of the Series 6 than the Series 6. It didn’t feel like the Series 6 was very different from the Series 5, either. Especially as new WatchOS updates bring new features to older models. That makes the case for the Apple Watch SE even stronger. When running the same software, the Apple Watch SE is just as good as the latest model. It has the same performance and is just as quick as the new one. There is no need to buy the most expensive or most up-to-date version to get the full experience. This is why Apple has kept the Series 3 in its lineup for so long.

Ming-Chi Kuo, an analyst, thinks Apple could stop making the Apple Watch Series 3 this year because it doesn’t have a lot of space. The question now is how long Apple plans to keep the Series 3 around. It also makes the Apple Watch SE a lot more important. Because the Series 3 is likely to be replaced by the Series 3.

Overall, the current SE is in the right place between the Series 3 and the Series 7. It’s somewhere in the middle. As Apple’s high-end watches get better at tracking your health, the SE has become more and more appealing to people who don’t have a lot of money. When the Apple Watch SE is almost two years old, it’s time for a new one.

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