Arizona Driver’s License Apple Wallet Arizona Driver’s License Apple Wallet

Arizona Is First State To Offer Driver’s License In Apple Wallet

Arizona is the first state to let you hold your driver’s license or state ID in Apple Wallet.

It took a while, but Apple Wallet can now save your state driver’s licence. Residents of Arizona can link their driver’s license or state ID to Wallet on their iPhone or Apple Watch. You can only present the digital cards at certain TSA checkpoints at Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport right now. But it may spare you the trouble of reaching for traditional IDs when your phone or smartwatch is ready.

Apple also promises expanded availability beyond the eight states that have already been disclosed. ID cards will also be supported in Wallet in Colorado, Hawaii, Mississippi, Ohio, and Puerto Rico.

The process is still as complicated as Apple stated last year. You may add a driver’s licence or state ID to your iPhone’s Wallet by scanning the card, taking a photo, and performing head movements to show the identification is yours. When it comes time to provide your information to the TSA. You’ll give permission using Face ID or Touch ID. The TSA will also take your photo in order to validate your identification. You’ll need at least an iPhone 8 running iOS 15.4. And an Apple Watch Series 4 or newer running watchOS 8.4 if you want the feature on your wrist.

Arizona Driver’s License Apple Wallet

Apple claims that cards in Wallet are more secure than their physical equivalents. You simply disclose the information that is required. You are not required to display your device to an official. All driver’s licence and state ID data is delivered through an encrypted connection. The biometric authentication required should keep anyone from reading your critical information.

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Since version 11, Android has supported a framework for digital driver’s licences. However it typically relies on third-party apps. Google aims to standardise these IDs through the Android Ready SE Alliance. Which it founded last year. Although this will take time as suppliers sign on. For the time being. Apple appears to have the upper hand. When it comes to digitally saved passwords.

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