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The Best Free Games For iPhone So Far In 2022

If you love gaming on your iOS device and looking for free iPhone games that you’ll love? Here are the best ones you can play right now.

Free iPhone apps have a bad reputation for being crappy and full of in-app purchases (IAP). But, whether you have an iPhone 13 Pro Max, an iPhone SE (2020), or any other model. There are a plethora of excellent free Iphone games waiting for your twitchy gaming fingers if you know where to search.

We’ve put the greatest of them here, divided into useful categories, to spare you the trouble of looking for them. So, if you’re looking for a free arcade blast, a mind-bending puzzle, or a thrilling racer, keep reading.

Plus, come back every month to see our current favourite free iPhone game, which is listed below.

Super Arcade Football

Free Games For iPhone

Super Arcade Football appears to be a contemporary mobile version of famous 16-bit soccer games such as Sensible Soccer and Kick Off. It has little players darting around an above pitch, presumably punting the ball around in slow motion. It takes some time for your thumbs to acclimatise to the game’s pace. But once you’re fully engrossed, it becomes second nature.

You may then begin delving into the game’s depth. There is a narrative mode that steadily increases the difficulty level and creates unique obstacles for each game. Alternatively, you can select one of the numerous pre-defined leagues and cups, some of which include unusual modifiers.

Think the conditions were bad in the last cup final you saw? It’s nothing compared to this game covering pitches with ice or oil – or periodically pelting players with meteorites!

Froglike: The Frog Roguelike

Free Games For iPhone

The Frog-like: The Frog Roguelike reinvents Frogger for the mobile age. Instead of taskeding an amphibian with traversing a road and a river, everything is a little more ambitious here. To prevent the end of time, you must keep the Lily of Time alive. Yikes!

In terms of gameplay, this is leaping around lily pads and hopefully parking your froggy butt on the largest lily to charge it up till a portal appears. Before returning to the fray, you can select a power-up. The entire game is a battle. With all types of opponents eager to send you tumbling into the lethal liquid around the flowers.

This top-tier high-score chaser significantly improves with intuitive controls, bright visuals, and in-game improvements.

Zombie Football

Zombie Football is a twisted mix of thrilling touchdown runs, The Walking Dead, and the classic coin-op Gauntlet. The conventional green football field is littered with obstacles and swarms of lurching, voracious zombies in each level. The ratings clearly needed a boost.

In this free iPhone game, your goal is to avoid being tragically slain. You must figure out how to entice zombies this way and that (opening a route for your touchdown), dodge speed-sapping dirt, and scavenge for energy-boosting food. (Don’t worry about the hygiene implications.)

It’s a hilariously absurd ride, especially when you learn your huge player can’t even stomp through cones and must carefully weave his way past the snarling, toothy opponents. Also, there are no ads, timers, or other cruft – free really does mean free here.

Yokai Dungeon

Free Games For iPhone

Yokai Dungeon is a fast-paced arcade game in which you sprint about and squish monsters. It takes place in a succession of interconnected arenas that are littered with moveable items that you may employ to unsportingly smash your opponents into a wall.

The Japanese-themed game looks fantastic. Whether you’re strolling around the between-stages store or facing off against one of the game’s big bosses in an end-of-stage battle. Most importantly, it’s a lot of fun to play, with slick and easy controls.

Old hands may discern a touch of Bomberman in its grid-like layout and non-stop action, while veterans may recall Pengo. Despite the retro inspiration and old-school pixel aesthetic. Yokai Dungeon seems like a current iPhone game. With a slick design, bite-sized combat, and simple gameplay that’s suitable for both newbies and seasoned players.

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Knight Brawl

Free Games For iPhone

Knight Brawl adapts Colin Lane’s mobile sports jewels – Dunkers 2; Touchdowners; Rowdy Wrestling – with amusingly bouncy mechanics and frantic clashes for knights who want to be stabby.

Your knights move around in a relatively controlled fashion. You may swiftly remove opponents’ helmets and shields with skillful button taps – and a little luck – before delivering the killer blow.

But it just scratches the surface, because Knight Brawl is ridiculously generous with what you get. There are other warfare styles to choose from. As well as quest-like activities in which you may burst into a castle and duff everyone up. It’s insane, amusing, and fantastic stuff that definitely raises the standard on Lane’s work. Which was always good to begin with.

Project Loading

Project Loading is a speedrun arcade test concerning the exploits of a loading bar on its path to 100 percent completion. Yes, you read it correctly: the star here is a loading bar, which is the misery of many computer users’ lives.

Free Games For iPhone in 2022

Loading bars in Project Loading’s reality, however, do not move steadily from left to right; instead, they must contend with slow-down and speed-up mats, dangerous huge crosses, and bouncers. There are restart points and gold stars to gather to help them along the road, but everything is timed. There will be no dithering for loading bars here.

It’s an intriguing premise, helped along by intelligent level design, artistic graphics, and intuitive tilt controls. However, considering how difficult the final rounds are, you’ll probably never complain about a regular loading bar again.

Boost Buddies

Boost Buddies is a twitch-based arcade game in which you play as a cat in a box attempting to attain a crown. Fortunately for the cat, the box is rocket-powered, gaining speed with each tap. Less fortunately, there are… objects between the cat and the crown.

You may be up against enormous laser beams or swinging axes at times. You’re occasionally blown around by fans or pursued by creatures. We’re not sure what’s going on, but it’s a lot of fun finding out how to beat each exam and stringing together high scores.

If you do well enough, you will be able to add more boosting animals to your collection. Each with their unique music and images. And while the game’s basic nature means sessions don’t last an age. It’s always good for giving you a quick boost yourself.

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Williams Pinball

iphone games pinball

On your iPhone, Williams Pinball recreates – and enhances – a variety of classic Williams tables. It then incorporates them into a freemium business model that is, maybe unexpectedly, rather good.

Choose a beginning table, and it will be unlocked right away. You’ll be playing this one a lot, so choose your selection wisely. (The excellent Attack From Mars is a safe bet.) You then participate in daily challenges to gain XP, earn parts, and unlock new tables.

Similar to Zen Pinball’s most imaginative tables. Tables are eventually unlocked for offline play and can optionally contain animated components. It’s a slog to get there, but you’re playing wonderfully recreated pinball, so it’s no big deal. And, while pinball on the iPhone is undoubtedly a touch tricky, it’s still a lot of fun. Any progress made is instantly zipped across all your devices.

Unicycle Giraffe

Unicycle Giraffe is a balance game with a unicycle and a giraffe as the main characters. Unfortunately for the giraffe, it tries to ride said unicycle, which is not a comfortable position for the average ungulate. It’s all extremely amusing, though, as your giraffe wobbles left and right before collapsing to the floor in a tangle of legs and neck seconds later.

Despite the fact that it is a one-note game, Unicycle Giraffe rewards expertise with the pure exhilaration of being seated for a few precious additional seconds. It’s entertaining to save oneself from nearly overbalancing. And there’s added danger in the form of cash and explosives to tap elsewhere on the screen.

Of course, there is no longevity (short of ‘upgrading’ the animal with new headgear and skins), but this one is cute.

Don’t Trip

Don’t Trip has you direct stompy feet through increasingly surreal terrain. You start off in a kitchen that could do with a tidy-up. Last long enough and you find yourself avoiding crazed vacuum cleaners decked out with knives and axes. Eventually, you end up fleeing from lava, splashing in swimming pools and walking in space.

This all comes across as extremely psychedelic, which is accentuated by the perspective and controls. The controls require you to push the screen to plant a foot and spin your phone to locate room for the next step. And everything is zoomed in to the point that you can hardly see where to go. Don’t Trip! really is a game very much designed with mobile in mind – and it’s all the better for it.

Train Party

Train Party is an arcade-oriented puzzle game designed for multiple people to play together. Between two and 12 people on the same Wi-Fi network do their best to keep the train on time, largely by laying down tracks in front of it. In order to avoid disastrous derailment. You must also figure out how to deal with roaming wildlife and a renegade track bomber.

casual mobile games

There are two ways to play: collaboratively and competitively. In the former case, the train always heads to the player with the most complete track,. So you can keep going for as long as possible. In competition mode, though, the train goes around devices in order. And the winner is the last person not to turn the 9:45 to Washington Union Station into a crumpled heap of twisted metal.

Beat Street

Beat Street is a touchscreen brawler that wears its influences on its sleeve. The pixelated art recalls classic beat ’em ups, and the stop-start gameplay. With occasional unsporting use of baseball bats to bash enemies around the head – smacks of Double Dragon and Streets of Rage.

Yet this isn’t slavish retro fare. The game feels familiar, but its set-up is entertainingly oddball (liberating a city being terrorized by sentient, bipedal, suited rodents). And everything is controlled by a single thumb.

The controls could have spelled the end for Beat Street, but – amazingly – they work brilliantly. Enabling deft footwork, punches, kicks, special moves, and the means to smash an evil rat’s face in with a brick. Apart from unnecessary grind-to-unlock levels, Beat Street’s the perfect freebie iPhone brawler.

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If you enjoy smacking metal balls around, you’ll be disappointed with iPhone pinball. Even an iPhone Plus’s display is a little too tiny, resulting in a fussy, eye-strain-inducing experience. Enter PinOut!, a reimagining of pinball that fits brilliantly on the smaller screen.

pinout game

You play against the clock in PinOut’s neon-infused universe. Hitting ramps to push your ball further down what appears to be the world’s longest pinball table. Rather than losing a ball if it gets caught between the flippers. You just spend time going back to where you were. When the timer runs out, the game is done.

The end product is fascinating and novel, and the basic mini-tables are excellent for iPhone. Furthermore, the game’s immediacy makes it appropriate.

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