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You Can Now Create Custom Rules For Google Voice Incoming Calls

Google Voice is now allowing users to create custom rules for incoming calls, allowing them to select how to handle groups or even particular individual connections.

Google Voice customers now have access to new tools that give them more direct control over how incoming calls from contacts are handled. Google’s goal is to improve workflow and efficiency by removing potential distractions. Essentially, you’ll be able to redirect calls from non-essential connections while still allowing calls from contacts who are more likely to be crucial to get through.

Google Voice Incoming Calls

If you use Google Voice, you now have a few more choices for handling calls from contacts. You can direct certain contact calls to voicemail or a different associated phone number.

You may also create personalized voicemails for certain contacts. You may also screen calls from certain contacts. Alternatively, you may apply the rules you’ve set to all contacts or specific groups of contacts.

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All of this can be controlled under Google Voice’s incoming Calls menu, where you’ll discover two new Call Forwarding buttons: Create a rule and Manage rules. You may then change the settings for individual contacts or groups, assign particular voicemails or forwarding numbers, and so on.

All Google Voice users may now use the new customs rules functionality. It is off by default, but you may enable it under Google Voice settings.

To make a rule, go to and choose Settings. Then, touch Calls and select ‘Create a rule.’ All Google Voice users have access to the service. The new regulations cannot yet be implemented on the mobile app; they can only be viewed.

Google Voice has been around for a long time, but it has received little attention from Google in recent years. The most recent upgrade might be an indication that the service’s troubles aren’t finished.

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