Fix Apple Watch 8/8 Ultra Stuck on Apple Logo Fix Apple Watch 8/8 Ultra Stuck on Apple Logo

How to Fix Apple Watch 8/8 Ultra Stuck on Apple Logo

Is your Apple Watch 8 Ultra or Apple Watch 8 Stuck on Apple Logo? No worries, we’ll show you some ways to fix the Apple Watch stuck.

Stuck on the Apple logo on an Apple Watch 8/8 Ultra? Are you unable to use the Apple Watch’s Touchscreen? Is there a white Apple Logo on a dark screen that won’t go away? However, it appears to be a widespread problem as of right now, every user of the watch OS is venting on the various forums.

Fix Apple Watch 8/8 Ultra Stuck on Apple Logo
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Even if you give up at the top, the Apple watch will still make you cry in each of these situations. Fix the Apple Watch 8/8 Ultra Stuck with the White Apple Logo by reading this troubleshooting tutorial. There are numerous explanations for Apple Watch malfunctions. However, the firmware update causes the Watch 8/8 Ultra to frequently become stuck on Apple Logo hits, making the process time-consuming and annoying.

If the Apple Watch 8 or 8 Ultra is frozen at the Apple logo, the booting loop is probably the cause. Although we can’t promise, you should give it a shot and try the troubleshooting methods listed below.

Try the Find My App’s sound

It’s currently unclear why this works when the Apple Watch 8/8 Ultra becomes stuck on the Apple logo after swimming. However, there are numerous stories and remarks regarding Apple Watch; people have used Find My to play sound on the Apple Watch.

However, it loses effectiveness when the Watch 8/8 Ultra continues restarting and flashing, but it performs better when the Apple Logo appears frequently. Follow the instructions listed below to do so.

Open the Find My App on your iOS or iPadOS device, then choose the Devices tab at the bottom of the window.

Find Apple Watch, then choose the Play Sound option. Typically, this feature is used to locate an Apple Watch that has been lost. If you don’t receive any luck the first time, try again. Indeed, if it doesn’t work, continue on to the following steps in the troubleshooting process.

Put Apple Watch on Magnetic Charger

You must attempt charging the Apple Watch if the touch screen stops working or displays the Apple logo nonstop. A watch charging place will be firmly attached to the Best Magnetic Charger when using it, allowing for efficient and effective charging of the watch.

Modify the Watch App on your iPhone’s calendar and time zone settings

An Apple Watch that cannot pass the Apple logo is locked in the boot loop. You may now modify the Watch app’s and the Watch’s time zone and calendar settings. Here’s how to go about it.

  • Select General from the Watch App on your iPhone after opening it.
  • Calendar under Language & Region.
  • Select your desired or current location and restart Apple Watch.
  • Whether the problem persists, see if switching the Apple Watch App’s time to a time that does not observe daylight saving time can solve it.

When the Watch starts up, make sure to clear the display because it may disagree with daylight saving time.

Allow software update/restore to complete with a little more time

If your Apple Watch 8 or 8 Ultra won’t upgrade to the most recent watchOS and remains in the Apple Logo, it probably isn’t stuck there. Given that, we advise you to wait a long period. If, despite your best efforts, the problem still seems to be a never-ending conundrum, move on to the next troubleshooting step.

Remove Software Update Files

If your Apple Watch is still unresponsive after giving it enough time, try your luck by uninstalling the software update files. Given that we have listed the methods below, it is likely that you are unfamiliar with how to remove a file.

  • Go to the Watch App on the iPhone that is linked. If My Watch isn’t already open, choose it.
  • Go to Storage > General.
  • Next, click Delete Update File after choosing Software Update.

After erasing the Software Update File, try reinstalling the same update to resolve the Apple Watch 8/8 Ultra stuck in Boot Loop issue.

Start up your Apple Watch

The time-tested approach, restarting, which we always advise every Apple customer to do! You read that correctly; while it may seem trivial, wondering when your Apple Watch experienced a common problem does work.

For this reason, if an occasional or minor bug causes the Apple Watch 8/8 Ultra to briefly display the Apple Logo before turning it off, consider restarting.

Test forcing an Apple Watch restart

It’s possible that an Apple Watch 8 or 8 Ultra is automatically resetting if the Apple Logo appears before flickering repeatedly. Force Rebooting your watch can effectively end the loop with a clever maneuver.

The Apple Watch won’t start as usual until you push and hold the Side Button while holding down the Digital Crown.

If the Apple Watch is stuck in the boot loop, it will frequently turn black right away, making it easy to notice. It’s difficult to define.

Hold for 20–30 seconds to restart your Apple Watch if you are very certain that it has been reset. You can determine whether it has worked for you or not most important. However, we advise attempting this ruse several times. As in tech forums, after ten attempts at a hard restart, the tech experts claimed to have fixed the flickering Apple Logo.

Reset the Apple Watch

Got annoyed after a long journey when your Apple Watch remained stuck on the Apple logo even after a hard reset? It’s time to restore the Apple Watch to its original settings.

Although it’s an extreme answer, practically every problem can be resolved with it. Additionally, as of right now, manually backing up an Apple Watch can result in data loss.

  • Go to the Watch App on the connected iPhone.
  • Choose General. Select Reset by swiping downward.
  • press the Erase Apple Watch Content And Settings button.
  • Before starting, be sure you Erase All Content And Settings.

After the Apple Watch has been reset, you must reconfigure it just as you would when setting it up for the first time. I hope it’s successful for you.

Speak with Apple Support!

The apple logo on an Apple Watch 8 or 8 Ultra is frozen. Reset the watch, but the logo continues to display. There is no longer any other way to solve it without contacting the Apple Support Team.

Repairing Or Replace Your Apple Watch 8/8 Ultra

If you recently purchased a new watch, you may be eligible for free repairs or replacements through the warranty, Apple Care+, or any other third-party consumer service.

We accept physical damage such as a dented chassis or damaged screen. Similar to that, the problem may arise because the battery is depleting more quickly or because liquid damage causes water intrusion. Bring the Apple Watch to the nearby Apple Service Center to get assistance from a specialist or, if it’s still covered by warranty, request a replacement.


Watch Apple A software setup error or misconfigured settings may be to blame for the Apple Logo. However, this could lead to a number of problems, including Timezone Mismatch. Therefore, if the Apple Logo appears, we advise that you follow the entire troubleshooting method.


Why Does My Apple Watch Keep Displaying A Black Screen With A White Apple Logo?

Your Watch OS is more likely to be blamed if you did a hard reset but the black screen with the white Apple logo is still there. If so, we selected the items on the list to address any software bugs that may have contributed to the problem. So read it through!

Why Won’t My iPhone and Apple Watch Pair?

An Apple Watch won’t pair with any iPhone frequently due to Wi-Fi or Bluetooth issues. It’s safe to suggest that turning on Airplane Mode might result in the same problem, thus it’s preferable to make sure it’s off. Try restarting the Apple Watch and erasing the iPhone’s network settings to fix the issue.

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