House of the Dragon Episode 7 House of the Dragon Episode 7

House of the Dragon Episode 7: All Fire and Blood Easter Eggs

We take a look at the top House of the Dragon episode 7 easter eggs and what they represent for everyone below.

The most recent episode of this Game of Thrones spinoff drama achieved exactly that, leaving fans with a slew of unexpected discoveries that heightened the battle between Rhaenyra Targaryen and Queen Alicent Hightower. There are also loads of hidden facts and amusing trivia regarding the newest chapter. We take a look at the top House of the Dragon episode 7 easter eggs and what they represent for everyone involved below.

House of the Dragon Episode 7

The Harrenhal Burning

Spoiler Alert!!!

Jacaerys Velaryon informs her mother that they should be in Harrenhal to mourn Ser Harwin Strong and his father, Lyonel, the former Hand of the King. Rhaenyra says that the Velaryons are his cousins, Baela and Rhaela and that they could use his sympathy. Jacaerys, being the loyal son he is, goes over to soothe the twins.

Jacaerys’ belief that he has an equal claim to pity reinforces his belief that Harwin is his father. Instead of being entirely focused on the matter at hand, the young prince chooses to reflect on his late protector. This brief scenario evolved from the previous episode, in which Rhaenyra and his sons last saw Harwin.

Helaena trapped the “SPIDER”

Spoiler Alert!!!

During the previous episode, Helaena Targaryen noted that for Aemond to have a dragon, he’ll have to close an eye. In this episode, the princess makes does something that doesn’t make sense now, but it has the potential to do so in the future.

While muttering about spools of black and green, dragons, and hands that loom, Helaena is seen playing with a spider. As she does, Aegon says that she is an idiot to Aemond while he reiterates that she will be his wife. As the brothers leave, Helaena places the spider inside a shell and seemingly crushes it. The next scene is a short one with the focus on Larys Strong, one of Alicent’s most garden supporters.

Later in the Dance of the Dragons, Larys and Corlys Velaryon would be on the same side in the source material. Although the former would die at the hands of Cregan Stark, the Warden of the North at the time, his association with Corlys during this time guaranteed his death, thereby ending the House Strong line because he had no children. The spider in Helaena’s scenario alludes to Larys, while the shell references Corlys and House Velaryon. This makes the princess’ actions in this scenario worth watching in future parts.

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Baela and Jacaerys

Spoiler Alert!!!

Jacaerys approaches the duo to express his condolences when his mother instructs him to do so. Baela then grabs the young prince’s hand and the two have a tender moment.

In Fire & Blood, Jacaerys is finally engaged to Lady Baela, although the couple is never legally married. Rhaenyra’s firstborn would be killed in combat, forcing Daemon’s daughter to marry Lord Alyn Velaryon, who would eventually be named Lord of Driftmark and leader of House Velaryon.

Vhagar and Aemond

Spoiler Alert!!!

While practically everyone was recovering after Laena’s funeral, Aemond headed out to collect what he craved the most: his dragon. He has been bullied by Aegon and his nephews since the last episode because he has no dragon connecting with him.

That all changed in this episode, as Aemond went above and above to successfully connect with Westeros’ oldest and most significant dragon at the moment. Of course, this comes at a price, as Jacaerys, Lucerys, Rhaela, and Baela confront the prince about his actions. As the confrontation heated up, Aemond lost an eye after Lucerys slashed his face with a dagger. This act satisfies Helaena’s prior episode statement that he’ll have to shut an eye to get a dragon.

Nonetheless, Aemond considers the trade fair because he receives the most renowned dragon to fight for her mother’s side in the impending Dance of the Dragons.

The Dagger

Spoiler Alert!!!

Alicent confronts Rhaenyra about his boys’ activities after a foolish argument causes Aemond to lose an eye. Although Viserys makes every effort to resolve the familial conflict, the queen would ultimately take matters into her own hands by stealing the king’s blade to get Lucerys’ eye as revenge for losing Aemond one of his own. Rhaenyra approaches her and prevents Alicent from doing so. The king’s Valyrian steel dagger slices the princess’ hand and leaves a wound on it in the process.

This is the same dagger that has Aegon the Conqueror’s vision engraved on it, as seen in prior episodes. At the same time, Lord Petry Baelish used this blade to incite strife between Houses Stark and Lannister, sparking the War of the Five Kings. Arya Stark will later use the dagger to murder the Night King in the final season of Game of Thrones.

With the war intensifying, it won’t be long before House Targaryen implodes and the Dance of the Dragon begins. Keep a look out for House of the Dragon easter eggs, since there will be plenty before the first season is done.

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