Houseplants Personality Secrets Houseplants Personality Secrets

Your Houseplants Are Telling Everyone Your Personality Secrets

If your plants could talk, what would they say? You might be surprised how much they can spill. Do you know that your Houseplants Are Telling Everyone Your Personality Secrets? Let’s see.

Houseplant deals have soared during the COVID-19 epidemic, likely because numerous of us are spending further time at home. Potted shops amp up our inner spaces, reduce stress, and are delightful to grow. Your shops can also reveal traits about you and your personality, too.

Houseplants Personality Secrets

Experimenters believe utmost of us fall nearly on the scale of five” Big Personality Traits,” which include affability, extraversion, openness, meticulousness, and neuroticism. To find out if these rates aligned with particular houseplants, Cinch Home Services surveyed further than factory parents who also took a Big Five Personality test. Ice also developed a Factory Personality Quiz grounded on the results, so you can see how your own houseplant choices line up with your personality.

Which Houseplants Match Your Personality Best?

Ricardo Rodriguez, a strategist for Cinch, explains that the check showed particular shops sounded to match up with different personality traits. For further neurotic people, for illustration, factory care might take an aft seat to tone-care,” which is fully accessible,” he says.

However, low- conservation verdure similar to succulents and snake shops are presumably your BFFs, If this sounds like you. Still, further grueling shops, similar to swindle splint figs, also can align with neuroticism. Your fig tree can give you down if you”will not tolerate anything lower than the stylish,” says Rodriguez.” Cons are notorious for being delicate to take care of. They need veritably precise quantities of sun and water to stay healthy.”
The same swindle splint fig that suggests neuroticism can also indicate you are extroverted. Backslappers frequently enjoy shops that need a lot of care and grow them as”a way to fulfill their requirements to stay active and busy,” Rodriguez says. Backslappers also like to grow dragon trees.”This is a factory that has personality, and its appearance stands out in a crowd, like those with high extroversion.

What About Dragon trees and Aloe Vera?

Dragon trees can survive numerous conditions, but thrive with bright light and harmonious watering.”Agreeable people gravitate toward English ivy, pothos, and Aloe vera.

These people generally like to help others, Rodriguez says, so maybe that explains the appeal of Aloe vera, which is medicinally useful. Affability is also about being considerate and generous. However,” he notes,” also you will know this is a veritably considerate factory, “If you’ve ever possessed a pothos.”
Aloe vera is also a favorite for conscientious people, who”tend to strive for excellence, yet remain conservative about their choices,” says Rodriguez.” Choosing a low- conservation factory ( similar as aloes) could help them feel successful,” says Rodriguez.

The check plant that conscientious people generally stay the course, too, and do not just stop taking care of their shops.
Shops that grow and acclimatize to any setting, similar as cacti, succulents, and spider shops, are linked to openness, says Rodriguez.”Spider shops are known for their capability to handle stress, grow in a wide range of surroundings, and still thrive.

Also, succulents and cacti do not bear important to be happy either, as they need veritably little water to survive.”

Take the Plant Personality Quiz

Growing plants that suit your personality can make you happier in general (even if they do give away a few secrets about you). Find out which varieties are best-matched to your personality by taking this short quiz.

Indicate how much you agree or disagree with each statement below using these five options: Agree, Strongly Agree, Neutral, Disagree, or Strongly Disagree.

  1. I see myself as someone who is reserved.
  2. I see myself as someone who is generally trusting.
  3. I see myself as someone who tends to be lazy.
  4. I see myself as someone who is relaxed and handles stress well.
  5. I see myself as someone who has few artistic interests.
  6. I see myself as someone who is outgoing and sociable.
  7. I see myself as someone who tends to find fault in others.
  8. I see myself as someone who does a thorough job.
  9. I see myself as someone who gets nervous easily.
  10. I see myself as someone who has an active imagination.

Give yourself the following points based on how you answered each question.
Strongly Disagree: 1 point
Disagree: 2 points
Neutral: 3 points
Agree: 4 points
Strongly Agree: 5 points

Scoring Your Plant Personality

Each question aligns with a specific personality trait shown below, and the top score per question is five points. The “R” beside a number means the reverse of the trait. For example, if you scored high on question #1, you’re low in extroversion.

Let’s see how much your houseplants spill info about your personality secrets.

  • Extraversion: 1R and 6
  • Agreeableness: 2 and 7R
  • Conscientiousness: 3R and 8
  • Neuroticism: 4R and 9
  • Openness: 5R and 10

With your top personality traits in mind, look for the plants below that appear to match up best. Do you already own any of them? If not, you may just want to make that your next plant purchase.

  • Extraversion: Dragon tree, fiddle leaf fig, English ivy
  • Agreeableness: English ivy, golden pothos, Aloe vera
  • Conscientiousness: English ivy, succulent, Aloe vera
  • Neuroticism: Fiddle leaf fig, snake plant, succulent
  • Openness: Succulent, cactus, spider plant

Are your houseplants Are Telling Everyone Your Personality Secrets. What’s your score. Tell me in the comment section.

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