Elden Ring How To Beat Fire Giant Elden Ring How To Beat Fire Giant

Elden Ring: How To Beat Fire Giant [Easy Method]

Welcome To The Elden Ring Fire Giant Cheese Method. The goal of this guide is to show you the easiest way of defeating the fire giant.

Is it really a From Software game if there aren’t a handful of monsters who are nearly tough to defeat? The fire giant is one of them; his armoury includes a snow avalanche attack, a leap smash, a large plate swing, a stomp, a gambol, practically one-shotting fireballs, and a massive health pool “yeah, let’s just make him a literal mental torcher because it’s fun.” If you’re stuck at this stage in the game, don’t worry; the Elden Ring fire huge cheese technique is here to help. We’ll teach you how to cheese this massive cheating melon head and show him who’s the actual ruler in this tutorial (pun intended).

Elden Ring How To Beat Fire Giant

Cheesing Fire Giant In Elden Ring 

You must have sufficiently levelled up your lowly tarnished character in order to face the fire monster. You’d have a hard time destroying this gigantic orange monster boss otherwise. Fortunately, our cheese approach will guide you though this stumbling roadblock and allow you to continue Elden Ring’s adventure after defeating the boss. After defeating the giant and interacting with the NPC, another map location is unlocked.

Fire Giant Phase One Cheese Method

All you need to successfully cheese the fire giant are a working pair of eyes, ears, and two responsive hands. If you think you have that, then let us start.

Get Between His Legs!

Elden Ring How To Beat Fire Giant

Once you cross through the fog gate, the Fire Giant cheese technique in Elden Ring begins. Get on your Torrent Horse and dash between his legs at breakneck speed. He will, however, chuck his plate and throw snow at you just as you are about to reach his legs. You may either get off your steed and use a 100% damage absorption shield to counter this or double hop on your steed and just escape it. Continue to move below him and past him after the initial throw. Dash straight towards the arena’s edge after you’ve past his legs.

Keeping Him In Sight

keeping in sight

DON’T MOVE YET! You must wait here and entice the oblivious melon-head to where you are. Keep him in your view as you wait for him; the last thing you need is him rushing you while you were busy looking at the woods. He’ll conduct the snow fling again just as he’s about to reach you; when he does, immediately hop onto the ground just to the right of where you’re standing. Make sure you don’t make the mistake of leaping on your own; you’ll need the horse to go across.

End of the first phase

You must wait for him to climb onto the larger rock after you’ve reached the ground. One thing to note is that you must be precisely in the location depicted in the above image, else you risk him collapsing and sustaining no damage. Simply go towards the centre of the arena after he’s on the larger rock, and the dummy will simply leap down in the hopes of catching you, and well done! You’ve just completed the first phase.

Elden Ring How To Beat Fire Giant

Fire Giant Phase Two Cheese Method

Well now you made it through the first phase but what about the second one? Keep reading to find out.

Indication Of Phase Two

If you followed all of the instructions in the Elden ring fire giant cheese method’s phase 1 part, the fire giant should have lost his legs by now and be transitioning into his second phase, which will be depicted in a cut scene. Isn’t it the most satisfying thing that could happen?

Get Ready To Defend!

Cheesing the fire giant’s second phase is quite similar to what you accomplished in his initial phase. You’ll find yourself standing in the centre of the top ground when the cut scene ends (the one you jumped from before).


You must return to the same location as previously; however, be aware that he may launch tracking fireballs at you from afar, so be prepared to deal with them as they can literally one-shot you. A shield with excellent fire resistance might make this phase a lot simpler, or you can simply go full-on extreme instinct mode on him and evade his blows if you’re skilled enough. Incorporate this flaming huge cheese technique into your plan.

Legend Felled

You know the drill: as soon as he comes near enough, leap down to the lower ground and return to your previous waiting location. This time, he may launch fireballs at you, so keep your guard up. When he raises his melon head over the larger rock, you have your cue to sprint, go full-on Dominic Toretto on him, and DASH to the arena’s centre. All you have to do now is keep an eye out for his fireballs until he eventually falls and the word “legend fallen” appears on the screen, congratulating you on your win.


The fact that you don’t need any costly equipment to make this cheese process work is what makes it so fantastic. All you have to do now is attentively follow the instructions outlined above, and the rewarding message “Legend Defeated” will show on your screen. Take this cheese approach with a grain of salt, since the fire giant will occasionally fall but suffer no harm, but you will ultimately succeed if you don’t give up.

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