How to Fix Booting Issue On Samsung Galaxy M21/M31/M51

We’ll walk you through some practical options in this article to help you troubleshoot and resolve the booting problem on your Samsung Galaxy M21, M31, or M51 series phone. Read on.
Fix Booting Issue On Samsung Galaxy M21/M31/M51

Is it difficult for your phone to start up? Your phone’s inability to start up properly or to get past the boot logo is most likely the result of a firmware problem.

Firmware problems are fairly frequent and might impair your device’s functionality and regular operation. Even though they are inconvenient, they are not particularly serious and are simple to fix.

We’ll walk you through some practical options in this article to help you troubleshoot and resolve the booting problem on your Samsung Galaxy M21, M31, or M51 series phone. Read on.

Fix the Booting Issue On Samsung Galaxy M21/M31/M51

Fix Booting Issue On Samsung Galaxy M21/M31/M51

The following advice can help you solve a Galaxy phone that won’t turn on or is stuck at the logo.

1. Force reboot your phone

Try performing a force restart of your phone before attempting anything else, and then check to see whether the booting problem is fixed. Comparable to having your phone’s battery removed to force a shutdown and restart is this action. This usually fixes most smartphone issues, including booting issues.

Here’s how to force your phone to restart.

  • For 10 seconds, simultaneously press and hold the power key and the volume down button.
  • Release both keys when the device’s logo shows, then wait for the device to restart.

After doing this, move on to the next remedy if the phone still won’t boot.

2. Boot your phone in safe mode

You can utilise Safe Mode as an additional booting option on your smartphone. It enables you to recognise and comprehend problems with your device. The safe mode essentially disables all third-party programmes for a short period of time, allowing only native apps to run on your smartphone. This will help you identify the problematic programme, which you can then delete. This is how you activate safe mode.

  • Turn off your phone.
  • Press and hold your phone’s Power button until the device logo appears
  • Release the Power key once the Samsung logo displays on the screen.
  • Press and hold the Volume down key after instantly releasing the Power key.
  • Hold the Volume Pressed key down while waiting for the device to resume.
  • The bottom left corner of the screen will display a Safe Mode icon.
  • When you see Safe mode, let go of the Volume Down key.

3. Master reset the phone

If none of the aforementioned fixes seem to help, it’s likely that your device system has been corrupt, in which case resetting your phone to factory defaults might be helpful. To reset your device, follow the instructions listed below.

  • The smartphone will turn off when you briefly hold down the Power key and the Volume Down button.
  • Next, hold down the Power and Volume Up keys for a brief period of time.
  • Release the keys when the device logo shows, then hold them until the Recovery menu opens.
  • Select Wipe Data/Factory Reset by highlighting it with the Volume Down key.
  • Select the choice by pressing the Power key.
  • The Factory data reset option can be highlighted with the Volume Down button.
  • To continue, press the Power key.
  • You’ll see the recovery menu once the factory reset is finished.
  • To restart the gadget, select Reboot System Now and hit Power.

4. Flash the stock firmware

If none of the suggestions above work, it’s possible that the firmware on your device has become corrupted, and you will need to flash the firmware. To flash the device’s firmware, adhere to the steps below.

  1. Download the latest Odin flasher from here
  2. Install Samsung USB Drivers from here
  3. Download official stock firmware (Galaxy M21M31M51) depending on your region
  4. Extract the firmware file you just downloaded. You should get 5 files:
    1. AP (System &Recovery)
    2. BL (Bootloader)
    3. CP (Modem / Radio)
    4. CSC_*** (Country / Region / Operator)
    5. HOME_CSC_*** (Country / Region / Operator)
  5. Extract the Odin ZIP file
  6. Open Odin and add each file to its respective field in Odin. Use CSC_*** for a clean flash or HOME_CSC_*** if you want to keep your apps and data. For example, you can add HOME_CSC_ prefix to generate the following file.


  1. Reboot your phone in Download/Odin mode with one of the following button combos
    1. Power + Volume Down + Bixby
    2. Volume Down + Volume Up then USB cable
    3. Power + Volume Down + Volume Up
    4. Power + Volume Down + Home Button
  1. Use the USB cord that came with your phone to connect your phone to the computer. Your device should be recognised by Odin, and a blue box displaying the COM port number should appear.
  2. Verify that you did not check any unnecessary boxes.
  3. Press the start button and wait until Odin displays the word “PASS” in a GREEN box. Your phone will reboot after the flash is finished, at which point you can unplug it from the computer.

5. Visit the Samsung Care Center

Visit your local Samsung care facility for additional help if you are still unable to resolve the issue after trying the aforementioned methods and fixes. You can get advice and more assistance on the issue from your Samsung care representative.

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