Investigation Over Galaxy S22 Performance Investigation Over Galaxy S22 Performance

Samsung May Face Investigation Over Galaxy S22 Performance Claims

Samsung may face investigation in Korea over Galaxy S22 performance claims.

Samsung might face legal action as a result of allegations that it is restricting app performance. According to The Korea Herald’s sources, the South Korean Fair Trade Commission is “likely” to probe Samsung on claims that it broke advertising law when selling the Galaxy S22 phone series. While Samsung says the S22 has the “greatest performance ever,”. Its Game Optimizing Service lowers speed to save battery life and prevent overheating — and you can’t yet disable it.

Samsung’s problems may not end with the regulatory crackdown. According to Yonhap News Agency, Galaxy S22 users in South Korea are planning a class action lawsuit against Samsung for misrepresenting the phone’s capabilities. According to the news site, they feel “cheated” and are seeking compensation of 300,000 won (approximately $243) each individual.

Investigation Over Galaxy S22 Performance

Samsung has promised a GOS update that will allow consumers to manage throttling. However, the internet company has rejected accusations that it is slowing down non-game applications such as Netflix and TikTok. Some claim it is also eliminating speed limitations for benchmarks such as 3DMark and GeekBench, giving a false image of the Galaxy S22 in synthetic testing.

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We’ve reached out to Samsung for comment. Because mobile CPUs cannot always function at maximum speed for extended periods of time. Performance throttling is a typical technique for smartphones. The issue is that Samsung is throttling more forcefully while giving people little voice in the matter. Similar to what Apple did during the “batterygate” controversy. There’s no assurance that Samsung will face sanctions or do anything other than issue the planned upgrade, but the narrative has become all too typical.

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