6 iPhone Data Usage Tips To Help You Save Money 6 iPhone Data Usage Tips To Help You Save Money

6 iPhone Data Usage Tips To Help You Save Money

Some of the apps and services on your iPhone might be data-hungry. They may leave you with little or no mobile data right on day one of the monthly carrier plans. You’re moreover left using Wi-Fi for the internet or spending further on data packs. Read on to learn to limit iPhone data usage.

6 iPhone Data Usage Tips To Help You Save Money

Harnessing the tricks below, you can distinguish which apps and services are grasping up a hefty chunk of cellular data on your phone. iOS also has some neat options to apply brakes to data consumption. Let’s check them out


Before we go ahead and show you how to limit cellular data operation on iPhone

Apple offers a detailed breakdown of mobile data consumption on your iPhone. Here’s how to check it out.

  1. Open the Settings app on iPhone.
  2. Go to the Mobile Data menu.
  3. Check your current data plan, and you can peek at the data consumed by each app to date on your carrier plan.
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iphone data usage


When Personal Hotspot is enabled, all the saved devices get linked to your iPhone automatically and suck the mobile data. You can either turn off Personal Hotspot or alter the password applying the way below.

  1. From the iPhone Settings menu, proceed to Personal Hotspot.
  2. Disable the toggle from the following menu or click on the Wi-Fi password to modify the password.
iphone personal hotspot
iiphone reduce data usage


iPhone allows users to disable mobile data and background app refresh for all installed apps.

applying the first trick, you already see which apps are clasping a giant pie from mobile data plans on iPhone. You can disable mobile data and background app refresh for these apps from the Settings menu.

  1. Open Settings on iPhone and scroll down to the apps menu.
  2. Open an app and disable the Mobile Data toggle from the following menu.

You can correspondingly disable the Background App Refresh add-on so that the app won’t waste mobile data in the background.

You shouldn’t disable mobile data for all-important apps like WhatsApp. Otherwise, you’ll have a hard time receiving messages on the platform.

data hungry apps
disable mobile data


If you have enabled iCloud Photos backup on mobile data. Still, the Photos app will continue to upload new photos and media to the iCloud platform, If you have enabled iCloud Photos backup on mobile data.

You have an option to disable iCloud Photos on Mobile Data. Here’s what you need to do.

  1. Open iPhone Settings and go to Photos.
  2. Scroll downward to Mobile Data
  3. Disable Mobile Data from the menu.

The Photos app will no longer use mobile data to upload media to the iCloud platform.

iphone data usage
iphone data usage


Low Data Mode helps downgrade mobile data use. When Low Data Mode is enabled, automatic updates and background tasks, such as Photos syncing are paused. Here’s how to use it.

  1. Open Settings on iPhone proceed to Mobile Data.
  2. choose your data plan.
  3. Enable Low Data Mode toggle and that’s it.
mobile data menu
open data plan
enable low data mode


iOS presently allows you to change the default web browser on iPhone. However, you have an option to pre-load web pages in the browser, If you’re using Google Chrome rather of Safari.

When allowed, Chrome may use lower mobile data, and you’ll be capable to load web pages double-quick.

  1. Open Google Chrome and proceed to Settings.
  2. Choose Bandwidth and pre-load web pages on Wi-Fi.
bandwidth menu
iphone data usage

Bonus tip :-

Download media instead of streaming.

So that was all to limit iPhone data usage. Let me know in the comments if you like this guide or have any suggestions. You can check out more guides here.

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