A Great Director, Jean-Marc Vallée, Has Died A Great Director, Jean-Marc Vallée, Has Died

A Great Director, Jean-Marc Vallée, Has Died

The filmmaker Jean-Marc Vallée failed at his cabin outside of Quebec City, according to his publicist.

Jean-Marc Vallée, the acclaimed director behind the Oscar-winning Dallas Buyers Club and the HBO hit Big Little Falsehoods, failed suddenly at his cabin outside Quebec City this weekend. He was 58.
His publicist verified the news to EW, though a cause of death was not made known at this time.

A Great Director, Jean-Marc Vallée, Has Died

Jean-Marc Vallée made a mark in the assiduity through his natural approach to moviemaking, fastening on the use of natural light. Over time, he is worked with similar gifts as Reese Witherspoon, Amy Adams, Nicole Kidman, Laura Dern, Jake Gyllenhaal, and Matthew McConaughey.
“My heart is broken. My friend. I love you,” Witherspoon twittered in response to the news.
Gyllenhaal, who worked with Vallée on 2015’s Obliteration, praised the filmmaker’s”instinct” for directing during an interview with EW and PEOPLE’s also-editorial director Jess Cagle in 2016.
“I had heard and read about his process and how he flicks his pictures and how he treats his actors and just his whole way of circumventing the whole kind of Hollywood vanity style of moviemaking,” Gyllenhaal said.”I loved it. I loved hearing about it, and also when I got to set, (there was) no makeup, there was no lighting.”

“He is constantly moving in for a close-up, and also the coming take he’s running across the stage and getting one shot and also coming back for a close-up again,” he added.”There was really no minstrelsy or reason to the way in which he creates. It’s just that instinct.”
Born March 9, 1963, the Canadian filmmaker got his launch making music vids before making his first point film, the French-language suspense Liste Noire in 1995. The movie that helped break him into Hollywood, still, was 2005’s coming-of-age drama C.R.A.Z.Y., about a youthful gay man growing up with four sisters in a conservative ménage in Quebec.

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Latterly, he directed Emily Blunt in 2009’s The Young Victoria, an ensemble with Vanessa Paradis and Hélène Florent in 2011’s Café de Flore, and McConaughey and Jared Leto in 2013’s Dallas Buyers Club.
McConaughey won Stylish Actor at the Oscars in 2014 for his performance as AIDS-stricken Ron Woodroof, who created a group to find and distribute medicines for those living with HIV and AIDS. Leto also won the Oscar for Stylish Supporting Actor for his part of Rayon, a medicine-addicted HIV-positive trans woman. Vallée had been nominated for Stylish Editing, while the film at large earned a Stylish Picture nom.

Vallée went on to work with Witherspoon in 2014’s Wild, acclimated from Cheryl Strayed’s book. He spoke with EW in 2014 about the film, offering a peep into his process of approaching the music to chronicle Cheryl’s solo hike after a particular tragedy.
“I want to have a discrepancy between the flashbacks, where there is civilization and music and culture, and also back on the trail, where there is nearly nothing,” he said.” See where she’s allowing in the first act about her mama, and also we cut to the place where she’s studying with her mama. There is the Leonard Cohen track playing,’ Suzanne.’And also we are back on the trail and there is no more music. There is no further music — and also suddenly (the) veritably distant, ghostly sound of Suzanne again, as she starts singing over it.”

The brace would reunite on Big Little Falsehoods, also starring Kidman, Dern, Shailene Woodley, and Zoe Kravitz.
“This is all Reese’s fault, “Vallée had told EW of the birth of the design.”I was about to take a holiday, and I was so tired. But also I read it, and I could not abandon it after I started.”

He ended up conning all occurrences of the first season of the HBO drama and superintendent- produced the series.
Vallée gained further notoriety for directing Adams in the HBO Emmy- nominated miniseries Sharp Objects.

Vallée had a product company with his producing collaborator Nathan Ross called Crazyrose. The banner had just struck a three-time first-look deal with HBO and HBO Max, Deadline reported this once in April.
“He was a friend, creative mate, and an aged family to me, “Ross said in a statement to EW.”The maestro will plaintively be missed, but it comforts knowing his beautiful style and poignant work he participated with the world will live on.”

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