Live Sharing To Google Duo Live Sharing To Google Duo

Samsung Releases Galaxy S22 Phones With Live Sharing to Google Duo

Samsung’s Galaxy S22 smartphones support live sharing with Google Duo. YouTube previews in Messages are also forthcoming.

The focus of today’s Samsung announcement was on new hardware. But Google is also releasing some software improvements to those new devices that will make it simpler to share information with pals. The new live sharing functionality in Google Duo will be supported by the Galaxy S22 smartphones and S8 laptops. This function, similar to how SharePlay works in FaceTime conversations on iOS devices. Allows you and anyone you’re speaking with to access the same notes, photographs, videos, and more at the same time.

Live Sharing To Google Duo

According to Google, this will only operate in Google Duo conversations and with specific apps. Because YouTube is featured, you may share and view videos with friends and family while talking with them. It will also be compatible with Google Maps for shared and searched-for locations. Samsung Notes and Gallery for documents and photographs, and Jamboard, Google’s interactive whiteboard tool.

The hitch is that this function will be available exclusively on Galaxy smartphones and tablets, as well as Pixel devices. That implies that only users with Samsung and Pixel devices will be able to hold live-sharing calls. While those with other Android devices will only be able to join them.

Google’s new functionality arrives just a few months after Apple released SharePlay in iOS 15.1. Similarly, Apple’s capability is exclusively available on iOS devices. Although there appears to be more support for it in other applications at the moment. SharePlay, for example, allows you to view Apple TV+ episodes as a group, participate in Fitness+ workouts at the same time, and play a few games together. However, Google presently has the advantage when it comes to YouTube, as the video site is not SharePlay-compatible. Google has not said when more applications would be able to enable Duo live sharing.

Aside from live sharing in Duo, Samsung’s newest smartphones will have access to a few other new Android capabilities. YouTube previews are coming to Messages, which means you’ll be able to share samples of YouTube videos in Messages to let your contacts decide whether to watch the video right now or later. If they want to check it out right now, they may do so without leaving the chat. Fortunately, unlike live sharing, YouTube previews will ultimately find its way to all Android handsets, with the exception of Android Go devices. Furthermore, the Galaxy S22 and Tab S8 series has built-in Voice Access, eliminating the need to download a separate programme. You can use these prompts to tap, scroll and navigate without using your fingers.

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