Netflix Sharing Accounts Netflix Sharing Accounts

Netflix Wants To Charge Users For The Privilege Of Sharing Accounts

If you’ve been sharing your Netflix password with all your friends and family, those days may be numbered.

Those days may be numbered if you’ve been sharing your Netflix login with all of your friends and family. The streaming behemoth launched a new tool on Wednesday to crack down on people who use the same account but don’t live together.

In a blog post, Netflix director of product innovation Chengyi Long claimed that the simplicity of logging in has “caused some uncertainty regarding when and how Netflix can be shared. “As a result, accounts are being split among households, limiting our capacity to invest in exciting new television and film for our customers.”

Long said the business is working on a service that will allow members to share their accounts with people outside their family “simply and securely,” but at a higher cost.

Netflix Sharing Accounts

Over the next few weeks, the feature will be tested in Costa Rica, Chile and Peru.

Netflix basic and premium subscribers will be able to add “Extra Member” subaccounts for up to two more persons. Who do not reside with them for $3 in Costa Rica and Chile, and roughly $2.10 in Peru.

A separate profile and password will be created for each subaccount.

Subscribers at all levels can enable users who currently share their account to transfer their profiles to a new account or a subaccount to make the transition easier.

Individuals who wish to use their own account. When away from home may be requested to validate the device using a verification code.

It’s unclear when or if the new functionality will be released in the United States. “We’ll be striving to determine the usability of these two services for members in these three countries before making adjustments anyplace else in the world,” Netflix said in a statement.

Netflix has 221.8 million customers in 2021, up nearly 10% from the previous year. It attracted 8.3 million members in the fourth quarter, slightly missing its 8.5 million goal.

Netflix raised its fees in the United States in January. Increasing the cost of a basic monthly subscription from $9 to $10, the standard plan from $14 to $15.50, and the premium plan from $18 to $20.

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