For the second time in less than 18 months. Netflix is hiking the rates of all of its streaming plans in the United Kingdom and Ireland. Depending on the plan, prices will climb by 1 to 3 euros or pounds. Increased members will see the new pricing immediately. While existing customers will receive 30 days’ notification via email before their next paying cycle.

Netflix will raise pricing in the United Kingdom by £1 per month to £11 for the standard plan. £1 per month to £7 for the basic plan. And £2 per month to £16 for the premium plan. Similarly, pricing in Ireland will climb by 2 euros per month to 15 euros for the standard plan. 1 euro a month to 9 euros for the basic plan, and 3 euros a month to 21 euros for the premium plan.

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Netflix Raises Prices in UK Ireland

The price rises in the United Kingdom and Ireland mirror those announced in the United States and Canada in January. It’s not your imagination if Netflix keeps raising its fees. In addition, the corporation has been announcing price increases at a higher rate than in past years. The raises are a growth lever that the business is using more frequently lately. As it faces the fact that there just aren’t a lot of people left to become new customers. Particularly in regions like the United States and the United Kingdom, where Netflix was founded.

Some are concerned that the firm would be unable to maintain its pricing increases in the face of increased competition among streaming competitors. Netflix is becoming one of the most costly subscription services available. At least in the United States. However, Netflix has a larger pipeline of new episodes and movies than any of its competitors. The firm claims that while it is asking viewers to pay more, they are also receiving more.

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