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How To Fix iPhone 14 Pro Overheating while Charging and Shutting Off

iPhone overheating is not a big issue, it usually happens in our daily routine, though

By Stacy 7 Min Read

Meta To Shut Down Video Speed-Dating App ‘Sparked’

Your options are about to come more limited If you are tired of swiping right or left and long for a new way to get your Internet date on. Because Facebook (Meta) is planning to shut down Video Speed-Dating App 'Sparked'. Meta, formerly known as Facebook. Just revealed it's shuttering its experimental Video Speed-Dating App 'Sparked', according to

By Stacy 2 Min Read

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5 Excellent Android Apps You Shouldn’t Miss This Week

Your Android app round-up for the week ahead: In this edition of Android Weekly, check out 5 exciting apps that

6 Min Read

How to Use Google Drive Offline

This guide will show you how to utilize Google Drive offline on a Windows PC. It contains instructions for viewing

4 Min Read

The 8 Best GoPro Editing Software of 2022 (#6 is free)

For any action sports junkie like myself, video footage is the key to my thrill. Here is our roundup on

8 Min Read

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7 Video Games To Look Out For In February 2022

As we approach 2022, publishers are preparing to release wave after wave of video game

7 Min Read

Best Of The Best Google Chrome Extensions In 2022

Get more from Chrome with our pick of the Best Google Chrome Extensions that will

11 Min Read

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How To Fix Notification Not Working on Samsung Galaxy Watch 5

Not receiving notifications on Samsung Watch5? WhatsApp, Health or any notifications on Samsung Watch not

By Stacy 9 Min Read

How to Use Adapt Sound on Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 4

On the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 4, here is a simple tutorial for configuring and

By Jimmy 3 Min Read

How To Fix GPS Issue on Samsung S22, S22 Ultra, S22 Plus

If you're experiencing GPS not working on Samsung S22 Ultra, S22, S22 Plus, then this

By Stacy 7 Min Read

How to Add a Header in Google Docs

A header in a Google Docs document can contain a variety of information. You can add page numbers, a document title, author information, or anything different inside the top margin of every page. When you do not need that information in your document, there are several ways to remove a header in

By Stacy 2 Min Read


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The Pixel 7 Stole The OnePlus 10T’s Thunder?

Is there anything about OnePlus 10T that should persuade you to choose it over Pixel

By Stacy 7 Min Read

House of the Dragon Episode 6: All Fire and Blood Easter Eggs

From a murder mystery solved to the most unexpected name-drop, here are some references you

By Stacy 14 Min Read

Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra review

The Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra is a big, powerful Android phone that puts the power

By Stacy 28 Min Read

8 Characters We’re Excited to See in ‘House of The Dragon’ Season 2

Season one surpassed fan expectations; will season two live up to it, or maybe even

By Stacy 9 Min Read

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