Redfall Negative Steam Reviews Redfall Negative Steam Reviews

The Truth Behind Redfall’s Negative Steam Reviews: Is It Really That Bad?

Redfall, the latest game from Arkane Austin, has faced criticism from gamers following its release on Steam.

Redfall, the latest game from Arkane Austin, has faced criticism from gamers following its release on Steam. Despite initial high expectations for the supernatural first-person shooter, players have reported various problems, including poor performance, an empty open world, and substandard AI and multiplayer systems.

Performance Issues and Connectivity Problems

Redfall Negative Steam Reviews

Many gamers have criticized Redfall for inconsistent framerates, glitches, and connectivity issues, even when playing alone. This has become a recurring issue for PC games, with titles such as Star Wars Jedi: Survivor and The Last of Us Part 1 also facing similar criticisms.

AI and Open World Disappointments

Another source of dissatisfaction has been the game’s AI, with players labeling it “hilariously dim-witted” and questioning its decision-making abilities. The open world has also been criticized for its lack of substance, while the multiplayer function has been deemed impractical and restricted, without matchmaking or drop-in, drop-out co-op options.

Negative Reviews and Criticisms

In addition to performance issues, negative reviews have also focused on the absence of AI teammates, forced host progression, rudimentary AI enemies, unsatisfactory gunplay, and the lack of aim sensitivity options for mice. The controls have been described as clumsy, and the multiplayer system has been criticized for being available only for friends, with no option to join in-progress games of other players.

Critics Rating and Setback for Microsoft

Redfall’s critical rating on Metacritic is currently a mere 64, which is the lowest-rated game from Arkane to date. This has been a significant setback for Microsoft, especially since the Xbox Series X|S has struggled to secure a major success. With upcoming releases such as Forza Motorsport and Bethesda’s Starfield, Microsoft has two more chances to achieve significant success in 2023.

Redfall: A Missed Opportunity?

Many players are left wondering whether Redfall’s cooperative, loot-driven shoot-’em-up was simply outside the realm of Arkane’s creative expertise. The studio is recognized for its immersive and captivating first-person adventures such as Dishonored, Deathloop, and Prey (2017).

Future Updates and Reversal of Fortunes

It remains to be seen whether Arkane can address these concerns and reverse the game’s fortunes with future updates, or if Redfall will be remembered as a missed opportunity for the esteemed studio. Despite the mixed reviews, some players have enjoyed the game with friends, but the single-player experience has been described as vexing and uneven.

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