Samsung Confirms Hackers Stole Some Customer Data In A New Breach

According to the company, no Social Security information, credit or debit card numbers were accessed.
Samsung New Data Breach

Another cybersecurity problem has been uncovered by Samsung. Unlike earlier last year, when hackers obtained Galaxy source code, this time around, attackers obtained some consumers’ personal information.

According to the company, no Social Security information, credit or debit card numbers were accessed. However, “information such as name, contact and demographic information, date of birth, and product registration information may have been altered” by the event. It is unknown how many people may have been affected. Some clients have been notified directly by email by the company.

Samsung New Data Breach
Photo by Babak Habibi on Unsplash

In late July, someone got illegal access to Samsung’s systems, according to the company. In early August, it discovered that the attacker had accessed customer data, but consumer devices were unaffected. The corporation stated that it has taken precautions to secure its networks and has hired a third-party cybersecurity agency. It is also in contact with police enforcement.

In a FAQ, Samsung stated that based on what it has learnt so far in its investigation, customers are not required to take urgent action. Nonetheless, it advised consumers to be cautious if they get unsolicited emails and to check their accounts for indicators of questionable activity.

“We are committed to protecting our customers’ security and privacy,” Samsung stated. “We will continue to work hard to create and implement immediate and long-term next steps to improve the security of our systems.”

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