Solve YouTube Music 2022 Recap not working Right Now

In this post, we will teach you how to repair the YouTube Music 2022 Recap not working problem. It’s that time of year when many music streaming services provide their yearly statistics of your favorite songs and artists from the previous year, beautifully chosen and packaged for individual customers. In this sense, Google’s offering has also jumped on board, releasing its yearly summary.

However, many viewers are having difficulty obtaining it since the YouTube Music 2022 Recap is not functioning as intended for them. This function is completely absent from some accounts, while others claim that the app skips the articles so quickly that they are unable to watch them. If you are similarly plagued by this problem, this post will inform you of a simple fix. Continue reading.

Fix YouTube Music 2022 Recap not working

It is advised that you try each of the solutions listed below and discover which one works best for you. So, with that in mind, let us begin.

Turn on animations

As weird as it may seem, if Animations are not enabled, the Recap will not function properly. Therefore. It is advised that you activate animations on your device by following the procedures below and then test the results:

  1. Navigate to Settings > System > 7 times on Build Number
  2. Then go to Settings > System > Developer Options and configure:
Window Animation Scale: 1x
Transition Animaton Scale: 1x
Animator Duration Scale: 1x

3. Check to see if YouTube Music 2022 Recap is not functioning.

Go to Youtube Website

If the aforementioned modifications didn’t work, you may try to go to YouTube Music’s online version and check out your Reap from there. Here’s how it’s done:

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Do you Fulfill The Requirements?

To begin, keep in mind that the YouTube Recap seems to simply count streams. To obtain the summary, you must have at least 10 hours of music streaming from any YouTube product. If you primarily utilize downloads, uploads, or device files, this may not be tallied towards the 10-hour stream and hence you will not get the summary.


That’s all. These were the different solutions to the YouTube Music 2022 Recap not functioning problem. If you are still having problems, tell us in the comment section below.

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