Spotify Offline Sync Issues Spotify Offline Sync Issues

How to Resolve Spotify Offline Sync Issues on iPhone and Android

Offline sync not working Spotify? How do you sync Spotify Offline? You can get this issue fixed by trying our troubleshooting tips easily.

Spotify is the most well-known music app on the planet. Because it has millions of users who listen to music every day. As the number of users grew, the developer began to work on including some of the fantastic features, such as synchronizing. And, in recent years, numerous users all across the world have complained about Spotify’s offline sync not working. But today I will show you How to Resolve Spotify Offline Sync Issue.

This problem finally means that you can’t listen to music stored locally on your device. To avoid this sort of problem, simply connect to a reliable internet connection. If you have a stable internet connection but no devices are currently available for syncing, simply follow the steps listed below.

Fix Spotify Offline Sync Not Working on iPhone, iPad, Android

Turn On Sync

Spotify has a synchronization option that allows you to sync various flagships with local music. You will see Spotify offline sync issues, if its not enabled.

  1. Select Settings > Local Files.
  2. Check to see if the sync functionality is activated. Allow a few seconds to pass. Simply follow the directions on the screen.
  3. After that, connect a device to your Mac/OC, then choose Spotify Devices and sync. To do this, install Spotify on all devices.

After completing these steps, check to see if Spotify’s offline sync is repaired. If this is the case, simply end here.

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Update Spotify App

When the app is unable to read the local music file This Spotify playlist not appearing on phone issue generally arises. It can be because of an earlier version. As a result, the Spotify developer works on it and encounters the new version on a regular basis to correct the flaws. As a result, make sure that the Spotify app on your device is up to date.

Update Device

Unlike the application, an earlier version of the device may experience difficulties such as music not syncing to iPhone Spotify. To address these issues and improve the gadget, the developer releases updates on a regular basis. Check to see if there is any availability to update.

Spotify Offline Sync Issues

Clear Out DRM Content

DRM stands for digital rights management, and it prohibits the material from being transferred or copied. Similarly, whether it comes to DRM or pirated music, the Spotify app adheres to strict regulations. In rare circumstances, you may have songs in a local filter that are eventually a purchased song, and you do not have the permission to purchase it, in which case you should delete the specific songs from the file. Simply restart the device after that.

Replace Local Music Folder

Spotify may not always be able to locate the music file and folder in which it is kept. In this scenario, it is preferable to save the music to Android > Music Folder. Also, make sure to save the song files to an external SD card.

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Verify Song Extension

Spotify mostly works with MP3 files, but it also supports additional formats like as.acc and.ogg. If you have stored your music file in a format other than the ones listed above, you will most likely find Spotify local files that are not synchronizing.

Check the Internet Connection

Lastly, check if you have a stable internet connection because if it’s not soo. You will definitely encounter Spotify-liked song not syncing.

So this was our guide on Spotify Offline Sync Issues. If you have any suggestions or any queries make sure to comment down below. We will be more then happy to spark that conversation.

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