Telegram's New Update Telegram's New Update

Telegram’s New Update Lets You Connect to Streaming Apps

Telegram has announced that it’s rolling out a new update that brings new features and changes to the UI and streaming features.

Telegram Messenger’s iOS and Android applications have received a new update that includes new features and modifications to the user experience.

The Telegram’s New Update has a new Download Manager that can deliver any sort of file under 2GB. As well as compatibility for live streaming applications on Mac computer. A new Attachment menu, are all included in the app update. In Night Mode, the Android app will catch up to the iOS version, with semi-transparent menus.

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Aside from the new 2GB restriction. The download manager also offers customers unlimited cloud storage and a new way to organise their downloaded items. You’ll be able to dictate which file receives precedence and see files in a discussion with others from the Downloads tab.

Telegram New Update

Meanwhile, Telegram Groups and Channels may now link to desktop streaming programmes like OBS Studio and XSplit. Allowing you to add overlays and adjust the screen layout. In Video Chats, there will also be a new ‘Start With’ option. That will allow you to login in to your streaming app.

Telegram claims minimal latency and high-quality streaming. But Telegram’s New Update appears to be limited to iOS and macOS in the launch video. With no hint of PC or Android compatibility yet.

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