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These are the 7 Best Showbox Alternatives Right Now

Let’s look at why Showbox is so popular and what are the 7 Best Showbox Alternatives for Android.

The global availability of the internet has risen. Our entertainment habits have evolved as well. The days of watching television are long gone, and with the rise of the internet, OTT has emerged as the most popular way to be entertained. The entertainment business has changed, and platforms such as Amazon Prime and Netflix have taken on the task of entertaining us. Showbox was one such free movie streaming software. The software was accessible on iOS, Windows, and Android, and the material was in high definition. The list below contains the top Showbox alternatives for Android that are completely functioning. 

After a hard day at work, everyone has their unique method of unwinding. And can you think of anything better than watching a movie? You may discover hundreds of video streaming applications in the App Store or Play Store, but practically all of them are paid. Before you can view your favorite movie, series, or TV program, you must first pay for a membership.

Showbox was the greatest in free movie app streaming and paved the way for numerous applications like it. Then it stopped operating, and there is no word on when Showbox will return. And, because Showbox is no longer available, it only made it logical to look for Showbox replacements. But first, let’s look at why Showbox is so popular and what applications are similar to Showbox you should try.

Let’s See the 7 Best Showbox Alternatives for Android

Showbox Alternatives

Popcorn Time

Popcorn Time is another Showbox option for Android. It is a trustworthy software for watching free movies and TV series. This Showbox substitute software broadcasts torrent material. Popcorn Time is compatible with Android devices and has emerged as the industry leader because of its extensive and diverse content. The app includes HD content, which improves the user experience. Some characteristics are as follows:

  • Popcorn time allows the user to access movies and shows free of cost.
  • You can binge-watch your favorite shows with a proper internet connection.
  • The Chromecast option is available in the Popcorn time app through which you can cast your shows on the big screen.
  • A large variety of content is available on the app.
  • There is no need to register with the app which makes it simple to use.
  • The app suggests more movies and shows on the basis of your search preference.
  • Popcorn time allows users to choose video quality according to their preferences.


Another Showbox option for Android is Megabox. It allows you to view a wide range of movies and television series. The software is available for Android and allows you to either download or watch the material. The information may be seen in various resolutions based on the user’s preferences. Megabox has the following features:

  • The user may choose the video quality based on their internet connection.
  • Megabox is constantly updated so that users may always access the most recent stuff.
  • Megabox is a free video streaming application.
  • You may use your calendar to schedule your programs and movies.
  • Cloud storage allows for consolidating all programs and movies, resulting in faster streaming services with no buffering.
  • The sharing option allows you to share a specific piece of material with your friends easily.

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Titanium TV

Titanium TV is another Showbox for Android option. It provides a vast range of TV series online. The app’s enormous selection of television series makes it appealing to a wide range of users. Popular TV programs and series may be seen for free on the app. The following are some of Titanium TV’s features:

  • Titanium TV is a free internet streaming app.
  • The app provides its customers with high-definition material.
  • The app contains all of the most recent material.
  • You may download your stuff and view it offline later.
  • Titanium TV will soon have Chromecast capability, allowing users to enjoy content on larger displays.
  • The app includes all of the programs from famous television stations.
  • Advertisements appear throughout the streaming but do not detract from the overall experience.

Prime Video

Amazon Prime Video is another Showbox option for Android. Amazon Prime Video is a subscription-based service. Amazon Prime is a video streaming service that offers the most recent movies, series, and television episodes. This Showbox alternative provides monthly, quarterly, and annual subscriptions for streaming accessible material. The following is a list of Amazon Prime Video features:

  • The content on Amazon Prime Video is available in many different languages.
  • Prime Video gives you access to various channels such as Lionsgate playdiscovery+Erosnow, etc.
  • Screen-cast option is available on prime video which helps in casting the content on bigger screens.
  • Prime Video offers high-definition content to its viewers.
  • Multiple users can assess the audio-visual content using a single amazon ID.
  • The ad-free application helps users to get the best video streaming experience.


Mobdro has all of the capabilities requested by the user, making it the ideal software for watching the newest movies and series. Mobdro is only available for Android and allows you to watch movies for free. The following are the features that are offered in Mobdro:

  • The app has the most recent movies, programs, and series.
  • Users may watch the videos for free.
  • Mobdro tells the user of the most recent update.
  • The software is safe to use and secure.
  • Regular upgrades improve the app’s performance.
  • Any video may be streamed in high definition.
  • For many users, the program supports several languages.


Hulu is a popular video streaming service that has been around for a long time. This Showbox replacement software is well-known and has a significant following in the United States. Hulu features a wide collection of movies and TV series. Hulu has the following features:

  • You can watch hundreds of new movies and series on Hulu.
  • Users may choose from a variety of subscription options based on their requirements.
  • Hulu caters to your entertainment needs, from TV programs to live sports.
  • The application provides the greatest add-on alternatives to enhance the viewing experience.
  • Hulu is a family-friendly program that caters to the requirements of all viewers, from kids to adults.

Cinema HD

Cinema HD lets you view famous movies and television series in high definition. The software functions similarly to a search engine to help you locate your favorite movies and programs. You may watch your favorite videos for free online. Some of Cinema HD’s features are as follows:

  • This program acts as a go-between between the user and the video resource.
  • Cinema HD automatically selects the working connection for the user.
  • Subtitles will allow the viewer to watch the video subtitles.
  • The user receives free access to high-quality information.
  • The download option allows the user to enjoy movies and episodes even when no internet connection is available.
  • The Back option allows the user to create a backup of user preferences.
  • Users may make a playlist of their favorite movies and TV series.


To sum up, Showbox is an impressive app that allows you to stream movies and TV shows. However, you need a stable and fast internet connection in order to be able to use this service properly.

The applications mentioned above provide plenty of entertainment and certainly aren’t going to disappoint you. This being said, they each have their own strengths and weaknesses, no one is perfect. We’ve standardized our point metrics to help you make the best selection based on each application’s numerous features.

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