Twitter Is Introducing 3 Different Levels of Verification

Twitter Is Introducing 3 Different Levels of Verification as follows: a gold check, a grey check, and blue check for people.
Twitter Is Introducing 3 Different Levels of Verification

Elon Musk has disclosed that his strategy for Twitter verification is going through yet another round of adjustments. Musk said on Twitter that Twitter is introducing 3 different levels of verification: a gold check for businesses, a grey check for the government, and blue checks for people, whether or not they are famous. Musk said that before the check shows on the profile, all confirmed accounts would undergo “manual authentication.”

New Verification Checks on Twitter

Musk explained in another tweet that personal accounts can obtain a secondary emblem indicating their affiliation with a certain company. As a result, sports organizations could verify their players, news organizations could check their reporters, and so on. The new Verified plan is slated to start provisionally this Friday, according to Twitter’s new CEO.

The concept for updated authentication has gone through several iterations in Musk’s month as CEO. First, sources said that Verification on Twitter will cost $20 per month. Musk used Twitter to justify the cost before lowering it to $8 per month for both Twitter Blue and the verification checkmark.

Twitter Is Introducing 3 Different Levels of Verification

The Twitter Blue plan allowed verification for any account that desired it, which immediately resulted in a large number of phony accounts seeking to pose as organizations, authorities, and even Musk himself. Then, in an effort to sort out the bogus accounts, Twitter launched an “Official” non-paid grey verification checkmark. The Twitter Blue verified checkmark was eventually removed by Twitter while Musk and the business deliberated on what to do next.

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There is a lot more going on at Twitter right now than just the back-and-forth around verification. Over the past several weeks, the firm has let go hundreds of people, and hundreds more have resigned in response to Musk’s demand that they commit to what he terms “hardcore Twitter 2.0.” Additionally, Musk has said that his tenure as CEO of Twitter is merely temporary.

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