Best Apps For Samsung Galaxy Z Fold Best Apps For Samsung Galaxy Z Fold

9 Best Apps For Your New Samsung Galaxy Z Fold

If you’re looking for some of the most spectacular apps to utilise with this beast, we’ve got the right list for you.

The Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4 is a fantastic piece of technology. The issue with this phone is that its huge screen is incompatible with all apps. In reality, it is more accurate to state that not all apps are optimised for use on the Galaxy Z Fold 4.

If you’re looking for some of the most spectacular apps to utilise with this beast, we’ve got the right list for you.

Best Apps For Your New Samsung Galaxy Z Fold

Best Apps For Samsung Galaxy Z Fold
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1. Infinity for Reddit

The official Reddit Android app is excellent. However, there is much more to be desired. Infinity for Reddit allows you to fully utilise the phone’s screen real estate. It has a dual-pane layout that allows for amazing modifications. You can modify the app to make it do what you want.

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2. Talon for Twitter

Okay, Twitter is a fantastic app. We both agree! What we cannot agree on is that the app’s developers did a poor job of customising the UI, not to mention those terrible, sponsored tweets that are so distracting.

Talon for Twitter is your rescuer if you want to get more out of Twitter. It will allow you to customise every part of the software, experiment with different layouts, and fully utilise the vast screen real estate of your Galaxy Z Fold 4.

3. Notion

Are you looking for a to-do list app? So, how about a to-do list software on steroids? Hello there, Notion! This is the one to-do app that can replace all of the others on your phone.

The app interface is similar to that of other to-do applications. What distinguishes it is the ability to build several pages, each with its own set of configurations and templates.

Not only that, but You may even use this programme to build a shared budget with your partner or a Kanban-style task management system, among other things.

4. Niagara Launcher

You don’t like Samsung’s default launcher? You are not by yourself. It’s so banal. If you want to lighten things up and experiment with the appearance of your Galaxy Z Fold 4, you can do so.

This software, perfectly built for the large screen real estate of the Galaxy Z Fold 4, will provide you with a single list of apps that you can utilise with a single hand even on the enormous screen.

There are no advertisements, and it provides your phone a new look that is sure to turn heads.

5. Microsoft Outlook

Email is one of the most effective modes of communication. However, handling many emails can be extremely challenging. This is where Microsoft Outlook comes in, providing a world-class email client from which you can handle many emails from a single interface.

So, whether you have emails for friends, family, work, and some hot girls (or guys), Microsoft Outlook has you covered.

What’s fantastic is that Samsung and Microsoft collaborated to make Outlook run flawlessly on this foldable beast. Use it to see a difference!

6. Todoist

Todoist is unavoidable while discussing productivity. It is widely regarded as one of the best task management apps ever created. Task management is challenging (to be honest), but Todoist makes it a little easier.

Because of the recent design changes, this app is now an ideal productivity software for your Galaxy Z Fold 4. There is an appealing sidebar and a main area where you can discover all of your to-do lists. Both the cover screen and the inside huge screen look fantastic.

7. Duet Display

Have you ever found yourself wishing for more screen real estate? It makes no difference whether you’re working on a tablet, a laptop, or a desktop computer. Having an extra screen is usually beneficial.

Duet Display comes into play here. Install it on your Fold 4, and the app will quickly transform your phone into a secondary monitor for your PC.

Remember that there may be minor bugs from time to time, but for the most part, it works flawlessly.

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8. Penup

Feeling creative? Well, every now and then, our artistic side takes over and we want to share and promote our masterpieces with people. This is where PENUP enters the picture.

You can use your stylus to exercise your artistic muscles and create masterpieces, colour them up and share your work, and even perform live drawing with the Galaxy Z Fold 4. (tutor sort of thing).

9. Kindle

Oh, the books! Don’t you already know about Kindle if you enjoy reading? Install the Kindle app on your phone and take use of the extra screen space for a more comfortable reading experience.

Even better, you can adjust the hinge so that you feel like you’re reading a real book. That is something your Kindle gadget cannot accomplish.

The Kindle app now allows some adjustments to allow you to read for longer periods of time. If you enjoy reading like we do, Kindle is a must-have app for your Galaxy Z Fold 4.

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