Enable Voice Commands on Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 4 Camera Enable Voice Commands on Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 4 Camera

How to Enable Voice Commands on Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 4 Camera

This article will help you to enable hands-free video and photo voice commands on Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 4 by adjusting the camera settings.

This article will show you how to activate hands-free videography and photography on the most recent Samsung Galaxy Flip phone by adjusting the default camera app settings. To activate voice commands on the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 4 Camera app, follow this brief tutorial.

Hands-free pictures and movies from the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip

The new Samsung Galaxy flip phones’ built-in Camera software has a tonne of fantastic features for more sophisticated, professional mobile photography and cinematography.

The camera settings provide access to all of these built-in functions.

The Samsung camera is also made to allow users to change the default settings so that the camera operates in accordance with their preferences and produces results that are uniquely their own.
You can adjust the camera’s settings to modify the picture size using one of the predefined aspect ratios, set a timer, enable the shutter sound, and use one of the voice commands that are already preloaded to switch from the usual Volume button pushes to hands-free photography or videography.

The procedures for enabling and using voice commands on the Galaxy Z Flip 4 camera are shown below.

If you’re unfamiliar with this gadget and have questions about how to access and manage this setting on your brand-new Samsung flip phone, feel free to look up the instructions provided.

Enable Voice Commands on Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 4 Camera
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Voice Commands on the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 4 Camera: Various Methods

There are two methods to access and manage the Samsung camera app settings: either through the settings app or directly from the Camera app settings menu. The procedure for using both techniques on the new Galaxy Z Flip 4 smartphone is shown below in detail.

Choose your chosen approach, then follow the instructions whenever you’re ready to enable voice control for the built-in camera.

Making the Camera App’s hands-free motions available

You may access a list of all built-in features, including Shooting methods, in the camera app’s settings menu by following these instructions, which will lead you directly there.

When you’re prepared, begin.

  • Step 1: Launch the Camera app in the first step to begin going. Simply tap the Camera app icon on your device’s Home screen or Apps tray.
  • Step 2: On the main screen of the camera app, hit the Gear/Settings icon in the top-left corner. By doing so, the built-in camera settings menu is displayed.
  • Step 3: Scroll to discover Shooting ways, then tap it. A new menu displays all of the shooting options, including the default of using the volume keys.
  • Step 4: Turn the Voice commands switch ON to enable and use voice commands when snapping images or recording videos with the Samsung camera.


When using voice instructions, make sure the area is silent. If not, your phone could be unable to comprehend you and might not carry out the spoken voice command.

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Using the settings to enable hands-free gestures

You may access the settings menu for the Samsung camera app using the instructions below via the Settings app. Even though it seems like this way would take longer, it is the accepted procedure.

You are welcome to begin anytime you are prepared.

  • Step 1: To begin, tap the Gear/Settings symbol on your phone’s Home screen or Apps tray to access Settings.
  • Step 2: Scroll to find and select Apps in the settings menu. The following screen will load a list of all installed programs.
  • Step 3: Locate and choose the Camera app from the list. You’ll reach the info screen of the Samsung Camera app by doing this.
  • Step 4: To continue, tap the Camera options. The settings menu for the camera app will then start to load.
  • Step 5: To continue, scroll down and select Shooting methods. Next, a list of all available shooting options will be shown.
  • Step 6: Locate Voice Commands and tap the switch next to it to turn it on.

By doing this, you may use the Samsung camera app’s hands-free gestures to shoot images or start a video recording by speaking any of the pre-programmed phrases or commands.

Launch the camera app after quitting Settings to see if it works. Use one of the pre-programmed instructions to shoot a photo or start recording a video as soon as the camera is ready.

Even when the device is locked, the Galaxy Z Flip 4 camera app is still accessible. To do this, just hit the Side key twice in a row to bring up the camera app.

Set Commands For Taking Photos and Making Videos

When enabled, saying “Smile,” “Cheese,” “Capture,” or “Shoot” will take a picture. Say “Record Video” to start recording a video. Your device ought to start recording as a result.

Other hands-free techniques can be used with the Samsung camera in addition to voice commands to shoot images or record videos. The Show palm technique is a verbal command substitute.

The stock Camera app’s name implies that you must hold up your palm to the camera in order to take photos or record movies.

By default, show palm is enabled. The Show palm switch on your device can be toggled ON if it is currently disabled. It is one of the choices in the Shooting techniques menu.

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Can’t use voice commands to capture images or record videos?

It’s possible that your phone didn’t recognize or process the word you said if you tried to use any of the pre-programmed voice commands to shoot pictures or record movies. Make sure you pronounce the instructions or phrases accurately.

Make sure Bixby is turned on as well. Install Bixby if you haven’t previously on your Galaxy Z Flip 4.

To begin with, Bixby is Samsung’s in-house intelligent assistant that is built into subsequent Samsung phones starting with the Galaxy S8 series.

With Bixby, you may interact with your phone to complete a variety of tasks.

Once Bixby is running, try again to launch the Camera and speak any of the pre-programmed instructions to shoot a photo or record a video.

Make sure the operating system on your phone is up to date as well.

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