Fix Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 Keeps Turning Off Fix Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 Keeps Turning Off

How To Fix Samsung Galaxy Tab S8, Tab S8 Plus, Tab S8 Ultra Keeps Turning Off

Is your Samsung Tab S8 keeps turning off automatically? No worries, this article will help you fix the issue and tab to work normally.

We completely rely on the Samsung tab to work perfectly all of the time, whether we need to watch a video, communicate or entertain, or simply want to wake up on time. So a Samsung Tab that keeps shutting down for no apparent reason is a problem that needs to be addressed.

If your Samsung Tab S8 keeps shutting down on its own, you might be able to fix it without visiting a Samsung service centre. As long as the problem is with the device’s battery or another software-related bug, it may be possible to fix it by performing simple and useful tricks. So, before scheduling support, read this article as it may assist in repairing the Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra.

What Causes Samsung Tab To Keep Shutting Down?

Fix Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 Keeps Turning Off

There are a variety of causes for the Samsung S8 Tab to suddenly turn off, such as buggy applications, a faulty charging cable or adapter, or water damage, but in most cases, the problem is with the device battery. There are several effective methods for determining that the main culprit is the battery. Before you go the battery replacement route, here are some troubleshooting steps to resolve the Samsung tab S8 ultra turning off and back on issue.

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Soft Reset Device

When you have a problem, such as the Samsung Tab randomly shutting down, the first and most effective step is to restart the phone. Because doing so will completely reset the Tab’s memory and operating system ( and there is no need to worry about data loss). If the cause of the Samsung Tab S8 Plus unexpectedly shutting down is a buggy application with flaws that consume more battery than necessary, this can resolve the Galaxy Tab S8 keeps turning off.

Update Software Version

If the soft reset does not yield a positive result and your device is running an older Android version, you should update the device right away.

Verify the Battery Health

Verify the Samsung tab S8 battery health. As battery health offers an important piece of information: The pick charging capacity of the battery and how does battery get affects your device’s performance.

Turn Off the Background Running Applications

Even when the tab S8 series appears to be idle. Various tasks are being carried out behind the scenes. The background process includes the constant encounter of important notifications, emails, and other items. But why is that? Because when you open the app, you get the most recent version and news. Not only does this mean that your tab is capturing a lot of information that you may never want to look at, but it also means that it is capturing a lot of battery and data from the device, which results in a Samsung galaxy tab S8 ultra unexpectedly shutting down. In such a case, we recommend turning off all background running apps to prevent the battery from draining and the issue from shutting down unexpectedly.

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Completely Drain And Charge

If your Samsung Tab S8 battery runs out quickly, plug it in. If the charging cable becomes stuck inside the port, the device will begin charging and you will be able to read the device’s battery level. And if you noticed little to no charging on the display, this indicates that something has taken over the device’s battery. If there is no such activity, your device may be experiencing a different problem.

In either case, connect your device to a USB charging cable and begin charging. Allow the device to fully charge. If it doesn’t respond to the cable you’re using, try a different cable and adapter. Once the tab s8 plus is fully charged, keep an eye on the Samsung tab s8 ultra to see if it has been turned off. If not, keep reading the article.

Battery Replacement

Why does my tablet keep shutting down if none of the above suggestions are followed? Then you should definitely contact your local Samsung service centre and request a new battery. Unless your device is still under warranty, this will be your responsibility.

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