Fix WhatsApp Couldn’t Send Status Error Fix WhatsApp Couldn’t Send Status Error

How To Fix WhatsApp Couldn’t Send Status Error on Android & iPhone

Unable to post WhatsApp Status on iPhone, Android? You can fix the WhatsApp Status Couldn’t Send on iPhone and Android.

The WhatsApp status function is now seen as a source of inspiration. This feature transforms WhatsApp from a messaging software to a social networking platform for sharing photos. It lets you to share video and photographs with your close relatives and friends while also allowing you to share them with others. However, some WhatsApp users are reporting that they are unable to update their status.

Are your WhatsApp status photos and videos not showing up on your Android device? or have you been getting the “Couldn’t Send” WhatsApp status problem on your iPhone? Then keep reading because we’ve mentioned an efficient workaround for fixing it.

Fix WhatsApp Couldn’t Send Status Error on Android & iPhone

Fix WhatsApp Couldn’t Send Status Error
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Delete WhatsApp Status And Reupload

Begin tale by deleting and re-uploading WhatsApp status to fix can’t upload status on Android. Because your device may have a tiny problem or an unstable internet connection when uploading for the first time. So totally deleting and resharing the status can fix the WhatsApp status problem that iPhone couldn’t transmit.

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Verify WhatsApp Server Status

Normally, when posting a status from an iPhone or Android device, the status does not upload because the WhatsApp server is unavailable. So, if your WhatsApp status is stuck on sending, you’ll find a slew of other users who have experienced the same issue and are yelling about it on the official forum. As a result, use DownDetector to check the status of the WhatsApp server in this case. Furthermore, we recommend checking live maps and comments to determine the affected area.

Verify Internet Connection

One of the most common reasons why you can’t post this video to your WhatsApp status is because your internet connection is inconsistent. Furthermore, you are attempting to post large and high-resolution movies and images, which results in your WhatsApp status not being uploaded. To prevent WhatsApp status from not loading on Android, your device need a solid and fast internet connection.

Update WhatsApp

In order to fix WhatsApp status not loading on Wi-Fi, you’ll need a version of WhatsApp. If you’re using an older version of WhatsApp on your iOS or Android device. Then, as quickly as possible, update it. Also, enjoy updating your status on your iPhone or Android device.

Verify File Format

WhatsApp, on the other hand, works with a wide range of file types. So, if your image format isn’t supported or its size is too enormous, you can use my WhatsApp status iPhone to upload a picture. It usually happens with video files. If you want to upload a video that uses an unsupported format, you must first convert it to a compatible format.

Verify App Permission

You have limited WhatsApp performance, which is why I can’t post a photo to my WhatsApp status on Android. If you haven’t given WhatsApp permission to use your mobile data in the background, for example. The applications’ necessary processes will thereafter be restricted by your device. As a result, we recommend that you allow the App permission.

For iPhone,

  1. Go to Settings > search and hit WhatsApp.
  2. Assure that toggle next to the WhatsApp is enabled. If that’s not so, tap on the toggle.

For Android,

  1. Long press on the WhatsApp Icon.
  2. Choose App Info Icon.
  3. Navigate to the Mobile Data & Wi-Fi.
  4. Tap on the toggle next to the Background Data and Unrestricted Data Usage, if disabled.
  5. Go back to the App Info > Battery and clear out all restrictions.

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Set Correct Date And Time

Most talking apps, such as WhatsApp, rely entirely on the date and time to sync data with the server. As a result, if you haven’t set it up correctly, you won’t be able to update your WhatsApp status on your iPhone. To do so, please follow the instructions outlined below.

For iPhone,

  • Go to Settings > General.
  • Choose Date & Time.
  • Tap on the toggle next to the Set Automatically.

For Android,

  • Go to Settings > System.
  • Hit on the Date And Time.
  • Tap on the toggle present next to the Use Network-Provided Time Zone and Use Network Provided Time.

Clear Cache (Only Android)

This workaround should be ignored. A damaged WhatsApp cache is another typical cause of WhatsApp failing to function properly if you have an iPhone. And emptying the WhatsApp cache is the only way to fix it.

  • Long-tap on the WhatsApp Icon > App Info.
  • Navigate to the Storage & Cache.
  • Select Clear Cache Option.  

Wrapping Up!

Hopefully, the above-mentioned method will resolve the inability to post WhatsApp status on iPhone.

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