Early Galaxy S22 Ultra adopters have run into an annoying display bug confirmed by Samsung Early Galaxy S22 Ultra adopters have run into an annoying display bug confirmed by Samsung

Samsung is Working on Fixing Galaxy S22’s Display Glitch

Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra is facing display issues due to a glitch, learn more and check out some ways of Fixing Galaxy S22’s Display Glitch.

Samsung recently unveiled its flagship phones, the Galaxy S22 and S22 Ultra. However, some customers have already noticed a new issue that might be rather inconvenient.

According to Android Police, the current issue with the S22 Ultra is a software flaw rather than a hardware issue. The software problem creates a malfunction in the screen of the Galaxy S22. Causing strange lines to flow over the smartphone’s display, resulting in an unappealing screen. Many people who have purchased the smartphone and shared their experiences on social media have identified these flaws.

Fixing Galaxy S22's Display Glitch

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People who examined the bug under a microscope saw some similarities between it and the problems with the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra. One of the first things customers have noted is that this display issue has only been observed in versions equipped with the Samsung Exynos CPU. Rather than the Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 chipset. Samsung produces CPU versions for their smartphones; for example, certain territories receive the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra with the Exynos chipset. While others receive it with the Snapdragon chipset. Another thing that users have found about this problem is that it happens more frequently when the display settings are set to 1440p with natural colour. When these setups are used, strange lines appear unexpectedly at various locations.

After some time has elapse. Samsung has recognised the flaw and will to send an update to solve the problem as soon as feasible. While this is going on, you can try some of the interim fixes provided by Samsung and other users for fixing Galaxy S22’s display glitch.

Check out the following temporary ways of fixing Galaxy S22’s display glitch:

  • A thorough factory data reset of the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra should be one of the first things buyers should perform. A factory reset nearly always resolves the majority of faults reported by a smartphone. Until an update is released, consumers can use this workaround.
  • Changing the display layouts of the smartphone has also shown to be effective for several users. Switching from natural colour settings to vivid colour settings. And changing the resolution from QHD to FHD appears to solve this issue. But many people are hesitant to do so. Because they have paid a premium to get the most out of their smartphone. And not using it to its full potential can be annoying. Hopefully this fix is temporary, and Samsung provides a software update to eradicate this Galaxy S22’s display glitch completely as soon as possible.

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Hey Alvaro!

We are aware of the issue, please do be aware, since the S22 series has no official released firmware updates are not yet available, these will become available closer to the release date. In the meantime, we advised changing your resolution to 1080p. ^PB

— Samsung UK (@SamsungUK) February 22, 2022

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