Hidden iOS 16 Features Hidden iOS 16 Features

Top 16 Hidden iOS 16 Features Every iPhone User Should Know

Here’s a list of the 16 hidden iOS 16 features that every iPhone owner should be aware of. Read now to know.

Every year, Apple releases its most recent software update in a very basic and easy manner, focusing on the most important features and settings. Unfortunately, this implies that Apple glosses over what’s under the hood, which is partially true with this year’s iOS 16 release.

Although you may have heard about the revised Lock Screen and exciting new iOS 16 features such as Live Activities. However, there are several hidden features in iOS 16 that you might have missed at WWDC22.

Hidden iOS 16 Features
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I’ve been experimenting with iOS 16 on my iPhone 13 for a while now. After prolonged use of the new operating system, I’ve compiled a list of the 16 best iOS 16 hidden features that every iPhone owner should be aware of.

Top 16 Hidden iOS 16 Features

1. Landscape Support for Face ID

Since iOS 16, you don’t have to rotate your iPhone every time you mistakenly lock it while watching content. Face ID now works equally as effectively in landscape mode as it does in portrait mode.

2. Later Apple Pay

You may split the cost of an Apple Pay transaction into four equal instalments spread out over six weeks with this secret iOS 16 function. The first payment is required on the day of purchase, with subsequent payments due every two weeks thereafter.

What’s more, the best part? There is no interest or additional costs. Furthermore, it works flawlessly anywhere Apple Pay is accepted as a valid payment method (in the US). To use this feature, you must first add your driver’s licence or state ID to the Wallet app.

3. A Completely New Dictation Experience

This little-known iOS 16 feature allows you to dictate while the keyboard remains on the screen, allowing you to switch between dictating and typing as needed. Dictation will automatically insert punctuation as you talk, and you may even enter emojis using only your voice. If you intend to use this feature in the Messages app, it is now available in the text entry box.

4. Video with Live Text

Remember Apple’s useful Live Text feature, which debuted with iOS 15? This function is now available in movies whenever you hit pause, which will be a game changer for students who need to take notes rapidly. Live Text can now identify Japanese, Korean, and Ukrainian characters in photographs and videos.

5. Use Visual Lookup to Drag and Drop Subjects

With a simple long-press motion, Apple’s new Visual Lookup tool in iOS 16 can differentiate subjects from the backdrop of an image. For example, you can use it to choose an object from a photo and drop it as a sticker into the Messages app. You no longer need to spend time creating outlines in third-party programmes to get the sticker you want, thanks to machine learning.

6. Home Screen Highlighting

This hidden iOS 16 feature allows you to use Spotlight search directly from the Home Screen without having to swipe down or left. It’s located directly above the dock, making it easier to search for apps, contacts, documents, photos, and other items. Spotlight can retrieve information from photographs stored in Messages, Notes, and Files, such as text, objects, and people.

7. Everyone’s Fitness App

The Fitness app was previously only available to those who paired their iPhones with an Apple Watch. Fortunately, even if you don’t possess the wearable, the Fitness app will be included with iOS 16. That’s because the iPhone’s motion sensors can detect and fill up a move ring for you, eliminating the need for an Apple Watch.

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8. Safety Inspection

Safety Check is a brand-new privacy tool developed to safeguard people in abusive situations. If your trust levels in a relationship alter at any time, you may use Safety Check to rapidly check and reset the access you’ve provided your partner, such as access to your personal data or location. By logging out of iCloud on all of your devices, the function resets your privacy rights and removes access to your communications.

9. Maps with multi-stop routing and transit fares

Apple Maps finally gets a feature that customers have been requesting for years. You can now include up to 15 stations along your itinerary. Furthermore, with a Mac, you may plan multi-stop routes in advance, which will automatically sync to your iPhone. While driving, you may also ask Siri to add additional stops to your route without having to fuss with your iPhone.

Apple Maps can also display transport prices, allowing you to estimate the cost of your trip and make transit payments using your iPhone after linking transit cards to the Wallet app.

10. Passkeys

Apple is attempting to eliminate passwords entirely with Passkeys in iOS 16, claiming that it is a simpler and safer method to login in to your accounts. Passkeys are protected against phishing assaults and website leaks, according to Apple, because your private keys are never saved on a web server. Passkeys, on the other hand, never leave your device and are unique to the site for which they were produced.

You can use your Passkey to check in to websites on non-Apple devices as well, but you’ll need an iPhone or iPad to scan the QR code and authenticate with Face ID or Touch ID.

11. iOS 16 is capable of detecting duplicate contacts

If your contact list is anything like mine, it’s a jumble. You’ve probably got a few duplicates in there, either because you accidentally added a contact twice or because you’ve moved phones. IOS 16 will silently notify you of these duplicates and provide you the opportunity to erase them if necessary.

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12. Sort Apple Music Playlists

Playlists are fantastic, but under Apple Music, they are locked in the order in which they were generated. If you wish to make changes, you’ll have to open the editor and do it manually. Playlists can now be sorted by title, artist, album, or release date in iOS 16.

13. Tap on the measure to get conversion options

When editing a document or note, you can quickly convert a metric to something else by tapping on it. If you tap on 50g, for example, you’ll see a conversion to kilogrammes, pounds, and ounces. When you tap on $US100 ($139), you’ll get currency conversion options.

14. Use the Mail App to Schedule Emails

To manage emails on the iPhone, most users have always favoured third-party apps. With the iOS 16 improvements, the rather basic Mail app is changing. You may now schedule an email in the Mail app and cancel delivery of a message before it reaches the inbox of a recipient.

15. Make a Note to Check Emails Later

You may want to check an essential email later at times. You may now set a reminder to check your messages later. Swipe right on an email and choose Later. Request that the Mail app remind you in an hour, tonight, tomorrow, or later.

16. Improvements to Search in the Mail App

The search tool in the Mail app has received the most attention in iOS 16. The redesigned search menu returns results that are relevant, accurate, and comprehensive. When you start typing questions in the search field, you can see recent emails, contacts, documents, and links.


Phew! There were numerous secret iOS 16 features. There is no doubt that these hidden iOS 16 features will make the iPhone even better. Which one did you prefer? Please share your thoughts in the comments box below!

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