How to Fix Reddit Videos That Won’t Play on iPhone/Android?

It is not a recent issue for Reddit videos to not play on iPhone and Android devices. Even worse, the Reddit app occasionally won’t load.

If you are experiencing the same issue, continue reading to learn about potential fixes for Reddit videos that won’t play on iPhone and Android phones.

Methods to Fix Reddit Videos That Won’t Play on iPhone & Android


Method 1: Clear Reddit App Cache

The cause of this issue with auto-playing videos and GIFs not working properly may be a corrupt Reddit app cache.

The problem may be fixed by clearing the cache. The actions you must take to accomplish a cache cleanup are listed below:

Offload and reinstall on iOS/iPhone

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iOS/iPhone: Offload and reinstall

Offloading an app keeps all associated documents and data while deleting all temporary files and removing the app. Now reinstall Reddit on the App Store.

Android: Clear app cache

Play some Reddit videos now. Now they ought should function.

Method 2: Alter app permission

Reddit needs to have the proper permissions, so check. Here’s how to go about it:

Alter app permission on iOS/iPhone:

Alter app permission on Android:

Method 3: Change DNS settings

Inefficient network connections might be problematic. The DNS settings may need to be changed. Here’s how to go about it:

DNS settings on iOS/iPhone:

DNS settings on Android:

Method 4: Disable Reddit Autoplay

The autoplay function on Reddit uses a lot of bandwidth. Videos may lag as a result of this. It could be beneficial to turn off autoplay. Here’s how to go about it:

Method 5: Try Using a VPN

Videos and GIFs might not load if your ISP is blocking the resources that Reddit utilises. Try updating your DNS. Use a VPN and connect to a server in another nation if that doesn’t work. Now check to see if Reddit is operational.

Method 6: Update your Reddit App

See if Reddit has a fresh update available. The issue may be fixed by updating the app. Both the Play Store and the Software Store for iOS and Android allow you to update the app.

Method 7: Update your phone’s OS

The usual operation of installed apps may be hampered if your phone’s operating system contains any software bugs. Verify whether your phone’s operating system has any updates available. Here’s how to go about it:

Update your phone on iOS/iPhone:

Update your phone on Android:

Both iOS and Android will display notifications if upgrades are available. To complete the OS update procedure, adhere to the on-screen directions. Check the Reddit app after the phone restarts. Videos ought to start playing now.

Reddit requires a lot of resources, therefore if your hardware isn’t powerful enough, there could be issues. Regardless of the phone you are using, the straightforward procedures listed above can assist you in solving the issue you are having.

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