Samsung Galaxy A53 Features Samsung Galaxy A53 Features

The Samsung Galaxy A53 Is Full of Cool Features

The Samsung Galaxy A53 is a great phone for the price. It comes with many features, and is perfect for those who are looking to save money without sacrificing too much of their experience.

With each new Android phone comes a slew of software modifications that detract from the experience you’d get if you bought a Pixel or a low-cost Nokia Android. Something that distinguishes it from the competition. That is certainly true for Samsung, which includes its own One UI on phones such as the Galaxy A53 5G.

We’ll show you a collection of features that we’ve found most useful throughout our time with the Samsung Galaxy A53, and the most of them aren’t exclusive to the Galaxy A53. Most of these should be available to you if you have a current Samsung phone running Android 12.

Samsung Galaxy A53 Features

13 Cool Features on the Samsung Galaxy A53

1. Always show the brightness slider

Auto-brightness on smartphones has improved significantly in recent years, but it is still an area where these mid-range models fall short. You may want to manually adjust the brightness from time to time without having to swipe twice to access the option. So, to make your brightness more accessible, you can have it appear with a single swipe down from the top of the screen.

Simply swipe down twice to reveal the fast settings shade, then hit the three dots in the corner. Now select ‘Quick panel layout’ and then ‘Brightness control.’ When you tap ‘Show always,’ you’ll see a display brightness slider at the top of your screen anytime you swipe down your notifications.

2. Create a personalised EQ with Adapt Sound

The Adapt Sound feature, which has been available on Samsung phones for a few years, is a relatively unknown feature. You may use this to verify that music and other frequencies are adjusted to your ears, and you can either choose a preset based on your age or test your own hearing.

To use it, make sure you have earphones or headphones attached and are in a quiet room indoors away from any disturbance. Then select Settings > Sounds and vibration, followed by ‘Sound quality and effects.’ The option ‘Adapt Sound’ will appear on the next screen. Choose it, and then hit one of the presets for your age, or use the ‘Test my hearing’ toggle to fine-tune it.

Take the test, which determines how well you hear different higher and lower frequencies and then creates an EQ setting just for you that will apply whenever you connect your headphones or earbuds in the future.

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3. Make everything bigger on screen

This isn’t a new function, but there are lots of folks who either struggle to see small text and symbols or simply prefer everything on the screen to be larger. You can change this by heading to Settings > Display and then selecting ‘Screen zoom.’ Adjust the slider until you’re happy with the size.

4. Bring the app drawer button back

The app drawer is normally accessed by swiping up from the bottom of the display on the Home screen. However, having a button to press instead may be easier and more convenient for you.

If you want one, go to Settings > Home screen and look for a toggle next to the ‘Show applications screen button on Home screen’ option. Toggle it on, and you’ll see a standard Android button for launching the applications drawer on the Home Screen.

5. Double click for payment

A double press option is available in the same menu as the previous advice. By default, double-pressing the side button will launch the camera. You can, however, instruct it to perform something else instead. For example, we found it quite handy while launching Google Pay. So, when you hit ‘Open app,’ you’ll see a list of all your apps. Choose Google Pay or Samsung Pay from the list of apps, depending on which provider you choose.

6. Shot suggestions

The ‘best shot’ feature, which helps you line up your shot, is a relatively new Samsung innovation. Open the camera app and press the settings cog in the upper right corner, then scroll down to ‘Shot recommendations.’ Toggle it on, and you’ll see a dot on screen to help you line up the photograph when you load up the camera view in photo mode.

7. Shoot 4K video

When you go to take video, it will be set to 1080p or full HD by default. However, changing it to 4K is simple. Simply launch the camera app, enter video mode, hit the FHD symbol in the top toolbar, and then select ‘UHD.’ Video will now be recorded at a higher resolution.

For a more comprehensive list of software tips and tricks, check out our Samsung Galaxy S22 tips and tricks article. Some are exclusive to the flagship model, but many will be available to Galaxy A53, A73, and A33 customers as well.

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8. Show or hide the camera cutout in any app

We’ve discovered that the images in some apps, notably games, don’t always fit the screen. Instead, a bar across the top conceals the camera punch-hole cutout. You may, however, modify this for any app manually.

If you wish to alter the settings for Mario Kart or Call of Duty, go to Settings > Display and select ‘Full Screen Apps’ from the list. Now, at the bottom, select the camera cutout option to get a list of all your installed apps. Find the one you wish to modify, click it, and then select ‘Show camera cutout’ if you don’t want a black bar at the top.

That programme should now take up the entire screen.

9. Enable the smoothest refresh rate

You’ll want to use the 120Hz refresh rates to make the phone appear as fast and smooth as possible. It is not activated by default, but you can enable it by going to Settings > Display and then selecting the ‘Motion smoothness’ option. Select the highest option to enable the 120Hz peak.

10. Set your phone to self destruct

Okay, so your phone isn’t going to self-destruct. Instead, after 15 failed attempts to unlock the phone, you can configure it to automatically factory reset and destroy all data. (Perhaps not one to activate if you have children who want to guess your PIN number.)

Navigate to Settings > Lock screen and look for ‘Secure lock settings.’ It’s close to the top of the list. Enter your PIN code, and you’ll see an auto factory reset option on the next screen. When you turn it on, it activates the feature that completely wipes your phone after 15 unsuccessful attempts to unlock it.

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11. Bring back the power button

In recent years, Android phone manufacturers have determined that you’d prefer have a smart assistant launching button instead of a sleep/wake button. You may, however, restore the power button functionality. Go to Settings > Advanced features > Side key and select the ‘Power off menu’ option under ‘Press and hold.’ Instead of Bixby, you’ll now get power off/restart options when you press and hold the button.

12. Play instant games

Samsung, like many other Android phone manufacturers, includes game launcher software that is meant to optimise gaming settings. However, there are a slew of little, casual games already included in the software and ready to play. They’re simple puzzles, but they can be entertaining.

Simply launch the Game Launcher software and select the instant play option at the bottom of the screen. Choose a game to play and proceed to it without installing anything else.

13. Swipe to make a GIF

Swiping the shutter button creates a burst shot by default. When shooting fast-moving things, this can be really beneficial. However, you may modify this action such that instead of taking a burst of photos, it makes a moving gif.

Tap that cog in the camera app again to open the camera settings, then select the ‘Swipe shutter button to’ option and then ‘make GIF’. When you return to the camera and swipe across the shutter button while holding down the button, it will snap a steady barrage of photographs and turn them into an animation.

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