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How To Fix Samsung S22 Ultra, S22, S22 Plus Fast Charging Not Working

Are you facing Samsung S22 Ultra, S22, S22 Plus fast charging not working and then this article is for you. Read it and get it fixed.

The Samsung Galaxy S22 Family comes with a slew of new capabilities, and in order to support those programmes and apps, the battery must be robust. Keeping this in mind, Samsung has promised to ship S22 phones with adequate battery capacity. The truth is that charging a big capacity battery from 0 to 100 takes longer. However, this is not the case with Samsung, since they have already included Fast Wireless Charging and Super-Fast Charging capabilities in the majority of their phones. Nobody wants to wait 3-4 hours for their phone to charge completely, but with an hour of charge, you can use it for the rest of the day (depending on what you’re doing).

To return to the topic at hand, if you’re having slow charging troubles with your Samsung S22 Ultra, S22, or S22 Plus, this post is for you. We’ll go through all of the possible fixes for the Samsung S22 quick charging not working.

Samsung S22 Fast Charging

How to Fix Fast Charging Not Working on Samsung S22 Ultra, S22, S22 Plus

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Please check that you are using the correct charging adaptor with your Samsung S22 before making any decisions; otherwise, you will not get the proper charging speed.

  • Samsung Galaxy S22: Supports 25W Charging Adapter
  • Samsung Galaxy S22 Plus and S22 Ultra: Supports 45W Charging Adapter

One of the Samsung users explained the notion of fast charging and what you actually need for fast charging in the Samsung Community.

  • 15W Charger USB A to USB C: You are just Charging
  • 25W USB A to USB C: You are Fast Charging
  • 25W Charger USB C to USB C: You are Super-fast Charging
  • 45W Charger USB C to USB C: You are getting Super-Fast Charging 2.0. Which is the fastest, but need to be using a 5a Cable

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Check for Software Updates

Fast charging on the Samsung Galaxy S22 was operating properly till today or yesterday, but now the phone is charging slowly. Is that the problem you’re having? If this is the case, it appears to be a software fault that can be swiftly resolved by updating the firmware.

Make sure to connect your phone to stable Wi-Fi and head over to Settings app > Software Updates > Check for updates > Download and install updates.

Force Close All Background Apps and Restart

The phone reboots automatically to finish the software update procedure, so if you’ve upgraded the firmware but fast charging is still not operating as it should, force close all background apps and processes and reboot the device.

  1. Press and hold Volume Down button and Power button until Samsung logo appears. Let the device restarts completely and observe by reconnecting charger to the phone.

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Toggle Super-Fast Charging Mode

Because not everyone wants to use Super-Fast Charging, Samsung has provided ability to set and disable Fast Charging mode with a simple tap. Fast charging indeed powers up the phone quickly, but it also has an effect on battery life to some level.

  1. Navigate to the Settings app.
  2. Tap Battery and device care.
  3. Tap Battery.
  4. Find and ensure Fast Wireless Charging and Super-Fast Charging is Enabled. If it is already enabled, then disable it, restart the phone and re-enable and check does it make any difference.

Check Charging Adapter and Cable

Is the original charging adaptor and cable being used? Samsung phones come with only a USB cable out of the box, which is critical for rapid charging. Use the original cable that came with the phone, and inspect the cable for stretched, bent, or severed wires. In such instances, don’t expect the cable to work effectively or the Samsung phone to charge quickly.

Alternatively, try a different cable/adapter to see if the problem is with the cable/adapter or a software issue.

Clean Charging Port

Check for debris inside the charging port, such as dust or other foreign particles, with a torch or in direct sunlight. Small particles will prevent the device from charging or may impair charging performance. Now comes the difficult part: if you find a foreign particle in the port, how will you remove it without destroying the internal hardware? That is a time-consuming task. Remove the foreign particles from the charging port using a toothpick or a sharp instrument.

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Calibrate Battery

Often, doing nothing solves the problem, especially when it comes to software bugs. To calibrate the battery, simply use the phone until the battery is entirely depleted and then connect the phone to charge until it powers up to 100%, with one exception: do not use the phone while charging. Do this three times to see whether it works for you.

Contact Samsung Support

We’ve gone over every potential option to rule out fast charging not working on the Samsung S22, S22 Ultra, and S22 Plus, but since you’re reading this, the problem hasn’t been resolved, and it might now be a hardware failure causing sluggish charging on the Samsung S22 series. Do not waste any more time; instead, go to the nearest Samsung Support Center to have the problem resolved.

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