Use Samsung Pay on Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 Use Samsung Pay on Samsung Galaxy Watch 5

How to Use Samsung Pay on Samsung Galaxy Watch 5

Yes, Samsung Pay can be used to pay at stores for shopping directly using Samsung Watch 5 and Samsung Watch 5Pro. Learn how to use.

Gone are the days when you had to totally rely on your wallet for money while also searching for the correct card to finish the payment procedure at a grocery shop or a gas station. You may now easily make payments using your phone and smartwatch with the help of Samsung Pay.

When you use the smartwatch, you can effortlessly set up and utilise Samsung Pay to make contactless and seamless payments. But, because some of us are new to smartwatches, we don’t know How to Use Samsung Pay; keep reading the post for a thorough explanation!

Use Samsung Pay on Samsung Galaxy Watch 5

Use Samsung Pay on Samsung Galaxy Watch 5
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What you need to do first is set up Samsung Pay so that you can utilise it properly and efficiently.

Setting Up Samsung Pay On The Galaxy Watch 5

  1. Press the Back Key on the Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 to showcase the Samsung Pay
  2. Go through all of the introductory pages that explain Samsung Pay and its features.
  3. To proceed, select the Arrow Option.
  4. Select Add Card
  5. If your Watch does not have a lock, pick the OK option.
  6. Choose a PIN or Pattern to create the lock.
  7. Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the Lock procedure.
  8. After creating your account, you will be prompted to install the Samsung Pay (Watch Plug-In) on your smartphone.
  9. Upon completion of the installation procedure, you will be redirected to the Samsung Pay Application on your mobile device > OK.
  10. Click the Add Card button in the lower right corner.
  11. On your smartphone, select either Import Cards or Add Payment.
  12. When you select Add Payment, you will be asked to enter all of your card information using a Smartphone Camera, so that all of your card information is automatically and accurately filled in.
  13. Selecting the Import Cards option will allow you to enter any saved debit or credit card from your Samsung Account.
  14. Now, strictly adhere to the on-screen instructions to accept all terms and conditions.

Adding Cards on the Samsung Pay procedure will urge you to conduct extra verification based on the bank card you are using; in this case, sign in to the Mobile Banking app on your Smartphone. You can also ask a bank to personally verify that you want to connect a card to your Samsung Pay account in specific situations.

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Use Samsung Pay On The Galaxy Watch 5

Now that you’ve set up Samsung Pay on the Galaxy Watch5 series, you’re probably wondering how to utilise Samsung Pay on the Galaxy Watch. The information provided below will clear up any confusion.

  1. On the Galaxy Watch 5 pro, press the Back Key.
  2. If you have numerous cards set up on Galaxy Watch, slide to the left to cycle through them.
  3. Rotate the Samsung Galaxy Watch display towards the receiver payment terminal and repeat till you receive terminal feature confirmation or vibration.

The only thing left to check after the operation is that you have properly checked out.

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What Stores Accept Samsung Pay?

You can now use Samsung Pay on both Galaxy phones and Watches to make payments with credit and debit cards at practically any gas station, store, and other location that accepts contactless payments.

Is Samsung Pay Accepted in the United States?

Cricket, MetroPCS, Sprint, T-Mobile, US Cellular, and Verizon are all compatible with Samsung Pay in the United States.

Is it possible to use Samsung Pay at Walmart?

Walmart unfortunately does not accept Google Pay or Samsung Pay

Is it possible to use Samsung Pay at gas stations?

Currently, Samsung Pay does not operate in gas stations. However, you may effectively accept NFC or contactless payments everywhere they are accepted.

Can I Withdraw Money Using Samsung Pay?

You can easily withdraw cash as long as a debit card is added to Samsung Pay and the issuing bank is compatible with withdrawing money from the wallet.

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