Fix Can’t Add Card to Samsung Pay Fix Can’t Add Card to Samsung Pay

How To Fix Can’t Add Card to Samsung Pay on Samsung Phone

Unable to Add Card to Samsung Pay? What error does Samsung Pay showing? Refer to this article to know easy fixes to the situation.

You can add the card to Samsung Pay and make payments using your Samsung phone or tablet. However, many users may experience major troubles with Samsung Pay not enabling them to enter their credit card over time. This can be a very annoying issue because it entirely disrupts shopping plans or, in the case of an emergency, business payments.

Typically, this is due to an older version of software or having hit the maximum card capacity. It’s nothing more than a momentary software fault or a disruption in the programme settings. So let’s get it solved by following the troubleshooting methods listed below.

Fix Can’t Add Card to Samsung Pay on Samsung Phone

Fix Can’t Add Card to Samsung Pay
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Check If It’s Compatible In Your Country

Samsung Pay is available in up to 15 countries, including the United States, Canada, China, Spain, the United Kingdom, Singapore, Australia, Sweden, Switzerland, Italy, and South Africa. If you are currently outside of the aforementioned regions, this could be the reason for your credit card not being accepted by Samsung Pay.

Verify Internet Connectivity

Normally, your Samsung phone is linked to Wi-Fi, however due to rainy or stormy weather or another service-related issue, you may not have access. The same is true for mobile data; simply turning off and on the internet connection works perfectly! Finally, if the internet is not the cause, proceed to the following workaround.

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Verify Samsung Pay Status

Another option is a server-side issue with Samsung Pay. There is nothing you can do to correct it in this circumstance. Simply wait till the problem resolves itself.

Look If There Is Software Update

Considering all possibilities, a software fault may prevent you from connecting a card to Samsung Pay. However, the system or programme contains a software problem. There is no need to be concerned because the developer keeps track of the programme or operating system. As a result, they release updates on a regular basis to repair bugs. Check to see if your Samsung Pay or OS has been upgraded to the most recent software version. If not, please do so as soon as possible.

Delete Extra Cards

Samsung Pay only allows you to add ten cards. So, if you have added 10 cards and for whatever reason, adding more than 10 cards may be the reason for not being able to enter cards, please remove any unused or undesirable cards from Samsung Pay. After erasing the card, input the card information to see if it works. Here are the measures to take to accomplish this.

Remove Card Through Phone

  • Select Samsung Pay > Three Horizontal Lines > Cards.
  • Choose the desired card to be removed. Following that, tap on the Three Vertical Dots.
  • Select Delete Card and the primary reason for removing the card from Samsung Pay.
  • Finally, select DELETE and, if prompted, enter the Password or PIN.

Turn Off VPN

Most of us use VPNs to gain access to data that is not available in our country, but this can result in Samsung Pay malfunctioning or not being able to enter the card into Samsung Pay. If you are currently using a VPN on your phone, we recommend that you disable it.

Restart Samsung Phone

If the above-mentioned solution doesn’t ripe the fruit for you, the next workaround is to restart your phone. Restarting the phone can fix all those minor bugs present in the phone. So just try with this workaround.

  • To access the Power Off Menu, press the Power Button.
  • Select the Green Restart Option from the Power Off Menu.

Factory Reset

If none of the workarounds work, the only option left is to perform a factory reset. Normally, we would not recommend this workaround because it erases all data stored on the device. But, in the end, what we need to do is set up a factory. Remember to make a backup of any sensitive data saved on it.

  • Go to Settings > General Management.
  • Select Reset > Factory Reset > Reset.

Contact Samsung Support

If you are currently in a region where Samsung Pay is available, you should call the Samsung support staff right once. They will provide you with a comprehensive view of the problem.

I hope the troubleshooting guide helped you to fix not being able to add the card on Samsung pay. Samsung Pay is undoubtedly the best service to transfer the payment but at the same point going through various problems is quite annoying.  

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